Maruti Baleno CNG vs Swift CNG

Maruti Baleno CNG vs Swift CNG: Price, mileage, features compared

With the release of the Baleno hatchback in CNG form, Maruti Suzuki now has ten CNG passenger vehicle models available. The Baleno CNG, based on the new generation of hatchbacks, was released by the automaker last month with a starting price of 8.28 lakh and two different trim levels. To date, Maruti’s Baleno is the only hatchback in their premium Nexa lineup to be certified as a clean-burning natural gas vehicle.

Maruti has placed a significant bet on compressed natural gas (CNG) technology as a viable alternative to traditional gasoline and diesel. In an effort to completely dominate the CNG vehicle segment, the automaker has badged all of their CNG vehicles, from the Alto to the XL6. Here’s a quick comparison to Maruti’s Arena brand’s Swift CNG hatchback.

Maruti Baleno CNG vs Swift CNG
Maruti Baleno CNG vs Swift CNG


As of its release, the Baleno CNG can be had for as little as 8.28 lakh for the base Delta model and as much as 9.21 lakh for the top-tier Zeta model. The XL6 CNG is now available for preorder, and its starting price is 12.24 lakh for the Zeta trim.

VariantsMaruti Baleno S-CNG
Delta (MT)8,28,000
Zeta (MT)9,21,000

Compared to the Baleno CNG, the price of Swift CNG models start from 7.77 lakh (ex-showroom) andgoup to8.45 lakh (ex-showroom).


A 1.2-liter DualJet petrol engine supplies power to both the Baleno CNG and the Swift CNG. About 78 PS of power and 99 Nm of peak torque are available from both. The Baleno has a claimed fuel economy of 30.61 km/kg, while the Swift boasts slightly higher numbers.


Launched earlier this year, the next-generation Baleno boasts a number of improvements over its predecessor. To name just a few examples: a 360-degree camera, a Head-Up Display, a brand-new 9-inch digital touchscreen, and a modernised digital instrument cluster. The Swift might seem uninteresting in comparison to the Baleno. Unlike the new Baleno, it does not come standard with innovative technology like auto-LED headlights or a rearview camera, and its interior is noticeably dated.

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