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This Is How Much The Thar’s Accessories Cost List Detailed!

On the accessories list, you’ll find options for both long-term maintenance and off-roading assistance.

For the vast majority of Thar fans, a simple variation isn’t going to cut it. A unique set of accessories is needed to make the SUV stand out from the crowd. Mahindra is aware of this, as evidenced by the extensive list of available accessories that we covered earlier this month. We also have the prices now.

The Thar’s list of accessories is divided into two sections: maintenance and adventure, like the car’s LX and AX trims. Seat covers, door handles, rain visors, and door mats are all included in the maintenance section to keep your Thar from degrading over time.



‘Intense’ Chrome Pack

Rs 6,830

Body Decal

Rs 3,260

Rain Visors

Rs 1,075

Snack Tray

Rs 2,840

Magnetic Sunshade

Rs 970

Seat Cover

Rs 6,830

Steering Cover

Rs 305

Door Hinge Step

Rs 2,755

Floor Mats

Rs 3,140 – Rs 5,400

Roof-Mounted Speaker Kit

Rs 3,745

2-Din Head Unit Mounting Kit

Rs 465

Remote Lock Key

Rs 1,890


Rs 900 – Rs 2,040

Front And Rear Mud Flap

Rs 300/Rs 465

Scuff Plates

Rs 630

The Thar was built solely for off-roading enthusiasts. For off-road adventures, Mahindra offers a wide range of accessories and safety gear in its adventure section.

thar accessories
thar accessories



Snatch Strap

Rs 9,142

Tree Trunk Protector

Rs 3,944


Rs 1.09 lakh – Rs 1.24 lakh

Winch Extension Strap

Rs 4,618

Bow Shackle

Rs 6,638

Tow Hook With Keeper

Rs 1,770

Hitch And Shackle

Rs 4,233

X Trax II

Rs 26,359

Tri Shovel

Rs 2,405

Digger Shovel

Rs 8,177

Exhaust Jack

Rs 24,916

Quick Step

Rs 7.504

Roof Top Tent

Rs 1.01 lakh

RV Air Compressor

Rs 9,601

Mahindra is also offering a slew of branded merchandise for the second-generation Thar in addition to these accessories. Key chains, mugs, caps, tote bags, and clothing are all options. There is no price listed on the official website for certain accessories, such as the alloy wheels, front and rear parking sensors, the head-up display, and the rear parking camera.

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