Maruti Suzuki Swift Ground Clearance

Maruti Swift Ground Clearance in mm, cm, inches, and feet.

Swift Ground Clearance in mm

163 mm

Swift Ground Clearance in cm

16.3 cm

Swift Ground Clearance in inches

6.41 inches

Swift Ground Clearance in feet

0.53 feet

Maruti Suzuki Swift has launched its first special edition in the country India on February 10, 2018. This limited edition priced at Rs. 4.99 lakh and is offered exclusively on the basis of LXi and LDi variants. Swift provides various speed advantages during development and also in terms of cost.

Swift was built with performance in mind. This new edition is the best car in the segment. It offers good mileage, after-sales, and services, space and comfort, low Maintainance cost, good resale value and value for money than go for Swift.

The Maruti Suzuki Swift remains one of the top-selling cars in the country India and one of the top three cars to be sold in the country, after the Alto and Dzire.

There is some competitor’s model ground clearance which will make it easy for you to select the right model and compare the Maruti Swift Ground Clearance.

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The ground clearance above 160 mm is accepted to ride in conditions like Indian roads. Where is the fear of damaging the vehicles by hitting the chamber by bumpy roads?

But now, Roads conditions are way better than 10 years ago. Also, drivers drive vehicles with more precautions and safety while they are on bumpy roads.

This ground clearance makes swift more sporty in look and increases the ride quality on roads which is proven by swift.

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