The trim levels of the 2023 Volvo XC90 are now known by snazzy new names. The Momentum and Inscription trim levels have been replaced by the Core, Plus, and Ultimate levels. Volvo has phased out its gas-only T5 and T6 engines, replacing them with mild-hybrid four-cylinder turbo B5 and B6 powertrains in a bid to convert its whole lineup into an electric one.

In addition, Volvo has eliminated six exterior paint options in favor of three new metallic hues: Bright Dusk, Platinum Grey, and Silver Dawn. There are now Dark and Bright exterior color schemes for the XC90, with the latter swapping out the gleaming chrome and stainless steel accents for black high-gloss components.

Volvo has electrified some of the XC90’s powertrain options to improve fuel economy. Although a fully electric XC90 is not currently available, the Core trim level already benefits from a 48-volt electric motor that is connected to the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, increasing total output to 247 hp.

Not all XC90s can tow a maximum of 5000 pounds, so prospective boat and trailer owners should do their research. The 295-horsepower B6 powerplant and XC90 PHEV are the only XC90s capable of towing that much; the standard Core’s 247-horsepower B5 powertrain has a towing capacity of 4000 pounds. It makes no difference whether you’re driving a six- or seven-seat XC90; the ratings are determined solely by the vehicle’s engine.