The C3 EV, an electric version of Citroen’s base-model hatchback, will be available in the near future. The C3 EV has been observed in testing, and we know that it will include a charging connector on the right front fender.

An SUV variant of the premium hatchback Baleno is on the way from India’s largest automaker. In addition to typical SUV features like high ground clearance and body armor, it will also have a split headlight configuration, a tapering roofline reminiscent of a coupe, and an integrated spoiler.

Perhaps an MG ‘Kei’ model will be the company’s first electric vehicle for the Indian market. A “Kei” car is a small vehicle typically driven in urban areas. The Wuling Air EV, which is already on the market in Indonesia, serves as a strong inspiration for this proposed new model.

Just recently, the WR-V from Japanese automaker Toyota was revealed. The Indian release date for this new model has not yet been set, but it is already available in Asian markets. If we consider the SUV-dominated market, however, Honda will need to introduce this small SUV if it wants to increase its sales.