The MG Gloster’s pricing range is from 32.00 Lakh to 40.78 Lakh. The cheapest MG Gloster is the Super 7 Str 4×2, and the most expensive is the Savvy 6 Str 4×4 (which costs Rs. 40.78 Lakh).

MG Gloster is available in 4 different colours – Deep Golden, Warm White, Metal Ash and Metal Black.

There are six MG Gloster models available: the Savvy 6 Str 4×2, the Savvy 6 Str 4×4, the Savvy 7 Str 4×2, the Sharp 7 Str 4×4, and the Super 7 Str 4×2. In India, the base price of an MG Gloster Super 7 Str 4×2 is Rs. 32.00 Lakh, while the top-of-the-line MG Gloster Savvy 6 Str 4×4 is Rs. 40.78 Lakh

In spite of MG’s modernizations, the SUV’s design is much in keeping with the original Gloster. The most noticeable external update, though, is the addition of brand-new 19-inch alloy wheels and a Deep Golden exterior colour to complement the already existing Metal Black, Metal Ash, and Warm White options.