The lowest-priced Swift model costs Rs. 5.91 Lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). Swift is available in 11 distinct models and 9 distinct colours. The pricing of a petrol-powered Swift can be anything from Rs. 5.91 Lakh to Rs. 8.85 Lakh. The base price for a Swift CNG is Rs. 7.77 Lakh, while the highest-end CNG variant costs Rs. 8.45 Lakh. The lowest-priced of the available three automatic-transmission Swift models costs Rs. 7.32 Lakh.

Owners have reported a city fuel economy of 18.14 km/l and highway fuel economy of 21.36 km/l for their Swifts. Swift gets 22.38 – 30.90 km/l, according to ARAI. Users have reported a city fuel economy of 16.50 km/l for their Petrol Swifts and a highway fuel economy of 19.58 km/l.

Maruti Suzuki Swift is available in 9 colours – Solid Fire Red with Pearl Midnight Black Roof, Pearl Arctic White with Pearl Midnight Black Roof, Pearl Metallic Lucent Orange, Metallic Silky Silver, Metallic Magma Grey, Solid Fire Red, Pearl Metallic Midnight Blue, Pearl Arctic White, Pearl Metallic Midnight Blue with Pearl Arctic White Roof.

The Swift CNG gets 30.90 km/l in ARAI testing. The 55-litre fuel tank in the Swift CNG allows it to travel around 1699 kilometres. It is important to keep in mind that the ARAI-reported mileage or fuel economy is based on laboratory testing under regular settings.