Prices for the Maruti Ertiga range from 8.35 Lakh to 12.79 Lakh (Avg. ex-showroom). There are 14 different versions of the Ertiga available. The highest trim level of the Ertiga costs $12.79 Lakh in India. The beginning price for an Ertiga in CNG is 10.44 Lakh. The base price of an automated Ertiga is 10.99 Lakh, in contrast.

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga is available in 6 colours: Magma Grey, Pearl Metallic Dignity Brown, Pearl Metallic Arctic White, Prime Oxford Blue, Splendid Silver, and Auburn Red.

Maruti Ertiga mileage claimed by ARAI is 20.3 to 20.5 kmpl for petrol versions. Whereas the same for the CNG version is 26.1 km/kg.

The back also has a revised appearance, with modifications to the bumper. The new design also has a wraparound set of taillights that are stacked vertically. Overall the new Maruti Ertiga feels more premium and upmarket than the previous-generation car.