Lamborghini’s signature hexagonal shape is carried over to the car’s aggressive and powerful rear end in the form of six Countach-inspired hexagonal taillights. Like the Murcielago’s adjustable intakes, the rear wing is concealed within the car’s shape and only deploys when needed to improve performance.

Lamborghini’s official colour for electrification, Oro Electrum wheels serve as the car’s finishing touch. The interior is just as classy, done in white with Blu Glauco accents and Oro Electrum aluminium accents; the new design air vents are made using 3D printing, so they may be personalised with the customer’s initials.

The Sian Roadster’s hybrid system, which utilises a V12 engine with titanium intake valves, boosts output to 774 bhp at 8500 rpm, allowing for the vehicle to achieve the lowest curb weight possible while maintaining the maximum potential performance.

A total of 808 horsepower is produced by the Sian Roadster, allowing it to sprint from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in only 2.9 seconds (thanks in part to an electrically controlled boost in traction force of up to 10% in third gear) and reach speeds in excess of 350 kilometres per hour.