Kia Stinger price is 50,00,000 in India(avg. ex-showroom price).

The dimensions of the Kia Stinger are as follows. The Kia Stinger measures in at 4830 millimetres in length, 1870 millimetres in width, 1400 millimetres in height, and 2905 millimetres in wheelbase. If you look up the Kia Stinger’s dimensions, you’ll have a good idea of how big it is.

Stinger is available in 4 different colours – Aurora Black Pearl, Panthera Metal, HiChroma Red, and Deep Chroma Blue.

KPI started the company back in 1951. Kia Industries, which produced Korea’s first domestic bicycle in 1952, is the country’s most recognisable brand name. The Kia Motor Company is now a subsidiary of Hyundai after a long and winding road of negotiations. Kia signed an MoU with the state of Andhra Pradesh in 2017 to establish a manufacturing facility in the city of Anantapur.