Here is a full list of the accessories, along with their prices.

Kia Sonet Accessories Price List

The price of Kia Sonet starts at Rs. 7.15 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 13.69 Lakh. Kia Sonet is offered in 21 variants - the base model of Sonet is 1.2 HTE and the top variant Kia Sonet 1.5 GTX Plus Diesel AT which comes at a price tag of Rs. 13.69 Lakh.

One diesel engine and two gasoline engines are available in the Kia Sonet. 1493 cc Diesel engine, compared to 1197 and 998 cc petrol engines. Manual and automatic transmission options are available. The Sonet's mileage varies depending on the model and the type of fuel used. With a total length, breadth, and wheelbase measurements of 3995 inches, the Sonet is a 5-seater, 4-cylinder vehicle.

The Kia Sonet is offered in 21 variants namely Turbo iMT Anniversary Edition, Diesel Anniversary Edition, Turbo DCT Anniversary Edition, Diesel AT Anniversary Edition, HTX DCT, 1.5 HTX Diesel AT, GTX Plus Turbo DCT, 1.5 GTX Plus Diesel AT, GTX Plus Turbo iMT, 1.5 GTX Plus Diesel, 1.2 HTE, 1.2 HTK, 1.5 HTE Diesel, 1.2 HTK Plus, 1.5 HTK Diesel, HTK Plus Turbo iMT, 1.5 HTK Plus Diesel, HTX Turbo iMT, 1.5 HTX Diesel, HTX Plus Turbo iMT, 1.5 HTX Plus Diesel. The cheapest Kia Sonet variant is the 1.2 HTE which has a price tag of Rs. 7.15 Lakh while the most expensive variant is the Kia Sonet 1.5 GTX Plus Diesel AT which commands a price of Rs. 13.69 Lakh.

Late last year, the car company added the Kia Sonet to its lineup. Since then, it has become one of the strongest competitors in the growing compact SUV market. Early this month, Kia changed the SUV’s trim options by adding 10 new features and two new trims.

A sunshade is also available for both the rear windshield and the rear windows. There are also a key cover, a vacuum cleaner, and headrest cushions that can be added.