Hyundai Sonata price is 20,77,000 in India(avg. ex-showroom price).

The following are the dimensions of the Hyundai Sonata. The dimensions for the Hyundai Sonata are 4820 millimetres in length, 1835 millimetres in width, 1490 millimetres in height, and 2795 millimetres in wheelbase. The Hyundai Sonata dimensions will give you a good idea of the car’s proportions.

Sonata is available in 3 different colours – Sleek Silver, Mushroom and Coral White.

Hyundai Sonata mileage 13.44 kmpl.

Hyundai Sonata competitors – Chevrolet Malibu. – Ford Mustang. – Honda Accord. – Kia K5. – Nissan Altima. – Subaru Legacy. – Toyota Camry. – Volkswagen Passat.