Although there has been no official announcement from Hyundai regarding the Creta Electric, the prototype model seen testing on the streets of Chennai and Karnal indicates that the company is working towards its launch.

Currently, Hyundai’s electric vehicle portfolio includes the Kona and the IONIC 5, both of which are priced on the higher side.

The testing model of Creta Electric seen on the streets resembles the current ICE engine model, with minor changes in the front and rear bumpers. It is believed that the production model will have a 39.2 kWh battery pack similar to that of the Kona, offering a driving range of up to 452 kilometers in a single charge. The electric motor of the SUV is expected to generate around 134 bhp power and 395 Nm torque.

During testing, the charging cable was connected to the car by opening the bonnet as no charging port was given in the prototype model. It is likely that the production model will have a charging port at the front of the SUV.