For as long as it has been produced, the Accord’s greatest strength has been its low price and minimal effect on consumers’ wallets. Honda is currently in the midst of a comprehensive redesign of the exterior that includes every single part of the vehicle. The latest Honda Accord is the most refined model in the line’s history thanks to a host of design updates.

If something isn’t broken, there’s no point in trying to fix it. Honda hasn’t quite followed the adage, but in the case of the new Accord, it seems to have worked in the company’s benefit.

Honda had to make some adjustments in size to prepare for the metamorphosis. It appears that automobiles in general, and the Accord in particular, are getting steadily more massive in size. The Honda’s bloated with an additional 2.8 inches in length. It has a taller hood and a fastback-like shape that reduces the vehicle’s overall height.

Honda’s innovative take on LED headlights has them angled upwards, with daytime running lights inserted between the headlights and a grill that has been painted black. Front fog lights, which were eliminated from the previous generation’s rectangular horizontal shape, are missing.