The executive stated that SHM would begin accepting preorders in the first half of 2025, with sales commencing in the second half. In North America, shipping will start in the spring of 2026. That is, if Sony and Honda are able to produce the car without any major problems that would push back the release date.

An all-new company has launched with the Afeela EV vehicle as their debut offering. It is anticipated that the manufacturer will begin accepting orders in 2025, with delivery arriving in the spring of 2026 in the North American market.

We don’t yet know the trim level structure, but we think the base price for such a vehicle will be about $45,000. We’ll update this section once more information becomes available.

The Afeela EV sedan appears to have copied the Tesla Model S Plaid’s U-shaped yoke-style steering wheel, among other futuristic touches, from the Model S. A rotary controller for the car’s digital dashboard can be seen in the centre console’s forward area, and the cabin itself is bathed in soft illumination.