Lexus RZ F Price

2025 Lexus RZ F Price, Specs, Mileage, Images

While the roar of a “Lexus RZ F” might not grace our roads just yet, the idea of a high-performance electric SUV from the luxury brand certainly ignites the imagination. Though officially off the table for now, let’s delve into the realm of “what if” and explore the potential of an RZ F.

2025 Lexus RZ F Price

Lexus RZ F Price starting at $55,150.

2025 Lexus RZ F Colors

Color NameDescription
Atomic SilverA cool, contemporary silver with a metallic sheen, perfect for showcasing the RZ F’s sharp lines and futuristic design.
Molten LavaA fiery, bold red with orange undertones, evoking power and passion, ideal for drivers who want to make a statement.
Neutron BlackA deep, enigmatic black that exudes sophistication and stealth, ideal for those who prefer a timeless and powerful look.
Sonic WhiteA pure, crisp white that highlights the SUV’s sharp lines and futuristic design, perfect for those who appreciate a clean and contemporary aesthetic.
Quantum BlueA vibrant, electric blue that emphasizes the RZ F’s electric nature and high-tech capabilities, ideal for tech-savvy drivers who love to stand out.

2025 Lexus RZ F Mileage

Trim LevelEstimated Range (miles)City MPGeHighway MPGeNotes
RZ F 450e200 – 240100 – 11080 – 90Standard 18-inch wheels, targeting sporty performance and moderate range.
RZ F 450e Performance180 – 22095 – 10575 – 85Larger 20-inch wheels, prioritizing handling and acceleration over range.
RZ F 300e240 – 280115 – 12595 – 105Larger battery pack, maximizing range while maintaining sporty driving dynamics.

2025 Lexus RZ F Top-speed

Model TrimsHypothetical Top Speed (mph)
RZ F Base155 – 165
RZ F Performance165 – 175
RZ F Limited Edition (Hypothetical)180+

2025 Lexus RZ F Features

PerformanceDual electric motorsHigh-performance setup delivering exhilarating acceleration and instant torque.
DIRECT4 AWD systemAdvanced all-wheel-drive system for optimal handling and performance in all conditions.
Upgraded suspensionStiffer suspension with performance tuning for precise handling and improved cornering.
Brembo brakesHigh-performance braking system for confident stopping power.
Aerodynamic packageFunctional and stylish aerodynamic elements for improved downforce and stability.
TechnologyAdvanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) suiteIncludes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and more.
Head-up display (HUD)Next-generation HUD with performance-focused information and customizable display.
Digital rearview mirrorProvides a wider field of view and enhances safety.
Mark Levinson® premium audio systemImmersive sound experience with surround sound and high-fidelity speakers.
InteriorHigh-performance seatsBolstered seats with premium materials for enhanced comfort and support.
Heated and ventilated seatsFront and rear seats with heating and ventilation for optimal comfort.
Panoramic sunroofProvides an open-air feel and enhances cabin ambience.
Ambient lightingCustomizable interior lighting with various color options.
Heads-up display (HUD)Projecting relevant information onto the windshield, enhancing focus and safety.
Digital rearview mirrorProvides a wider field of view and enhances safety.
Lexus Link connectivity suiteIncludes cloud-based navigation, voice assistant, real-time traffic information, and remote features.

2025 Lexus RZ F Specs

PowertrainDual electric motorsFront and rear motors delivering combined power of 500+ horsepower and 600+ lb-ft of torque.
BatteryHigh-performance battery pack with 300+ miles of estimated range.
ChargingDC fast charging capability at 350 kW, enabling 0-80% charge in 15 minutes.
Performance0-60 mphUnder 4 seconds acceleration time.
Top speedElectronically limited to 155 mph (hypothetical).
DimensionsWheelbaseSlightly longer than the standard RZ at 113-114 inches for improved stability.
WeightIncreased weight due to performance components, approximately 5,000-5,300 lbs.
SuspensionAdaptive dampersElectronically adjustable dampers for dynamic handling and comfortable cruising.
BrakesBrembo® high-performance brakes
Wheels and Tires22-inch wheelsLightweight forged wheels wrapped in high-performance tires for optimal grip and handling.

2025 Lexus RZ F Competitors

CompetitorPrice RangePowertrainRangePerformance (0-60 mph)Notable Features
Tesla Model Y Performance$52,490 – $65,990Dual electric motors330 miles3.5 secondsAutopilot driver-assistance system, large touchscreen display, spacious interior
Ford Mustang Mach-E GT$64,995 – $70,595Dual electric motors314 miles3.8 secondsMagneRide® adaptive dampers, Bang & Olufsen® sound system, panoramic glass roof
Hyundai Ioniq 5 N$45,700 – $49,700Dual electric motors303 miles3.5 secondsN Performance Blue driving mode, Brembo® brakes, customizable head-up display
Kia EV6 GT$59,990 – $62,990Dual electric motors274 miles3.4 secondsE-GMP platform, augmented reality head-up display, Meridian® sound system
Porsche Taycan Turbo S$185,000Dual electric motors278 miles2.2 seconds800-volt charging system, advanced thermal management, adaptive air suspension
Audi e-tron S$99,900 – $109,400Dual electric motors222 miles4.5 secondsMatrix LED headlights, virtual cockpit display, three-motor torque vectoring

2025 Lexus RZ F Pros and Cons

PerformanceThrilling acceleration: Experience instant torque and exhilarating power with a hypothetical 500+ horsepower setup.Potential range compromise: High-performance components might slightly reduce range compared to the standard RZ.
Handling: Precise and responsive: Enjoy sharper handling and dynamic cornering thanks to upgraded suspension and brakes.Potentially stiff ride: Aggressive tuning could lead to a firmer ride quality compared to the standard RZ.
Technology: Cutting-edge features: Benefit from advanced driver-assistance systems, a next-gen HUD, and a premium audio system.Potentially complex interface: Learning curve for navigating the various tech features.
Style: Head-turning design: Stand out from the crowd with a sporty and aerodynamic exterior and an exclusive interior.Subjective aesthetics: The aggressive styling might not appeal to everyone.
Luxury: Premium materials and craftsmanship: Indulge in high-quality materials and meticulous attention to detail.High price tag: Expect a significant premium compared to the standard RZ due to performance upgrades and luxurious appointments.
Exclusivity: Owning a rare gem: Enjoy the prestige and exclusivity of a hypothetical limited-production model.Limited availability: Finding an RZ F could be challenging due to its hypothetical limited production run.

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2025 Lexus RZ F Accessories

PerformancePerformance air intake systemEnhances airflow for improved power and responsiveness.
High-performance brake padsOffers increased stopping power and fade resistance.
Lowering springsReduces ride height for a sportier stance and handling.
Performance exhaust systemEnhances engine sound and potentially adds a few horsepower.
ExteriorCarbon fiber front splitterImproves downforce and aerodynamics.
Rear spoilerReduces rear lift for improved high-speed stability.
Black chrome accentsAdds a more aggressive and sporty look.
Alloy wheel spacersWidens the stance for a more muscular appearance.
InteriorPerformance floor matsDurable and stylish floor mats with F logo branding.
Aluminum scuff platesProtects door sills from scratches and adds a touch of luxury.
Carbon fiber trim kitEnhances the interior with a sporty and luxurious feel.
Performance steering wheelSporty steering wheel with thicker grip and paddle shifters.

2025 Lexus RZ F FAQs

  • Is there really going to be a Lexus RZ F?

We don’t know for sure. Lexus has confirmed they are not currently developing an RZ F, but the future is always open to change.

  • If it did exist, what would be the starting price?

It’s hard to say, but considering its hypothetical performance and features, expect a price tag significantly higher than the standard RZ, possibly starting around $110,000-$125,000.

  • What kind of performance could we expect?

Think exhilarating acceleration (0-60 mph under 4 seconds), sharp handling, and a top speed around 155 mph (electronically limited).

  • Would it have dual electric motors?

Most likely, yes. This would provide the high power and instant torque we associate with F models.

  • What kind of range could it have?

Despite performance focus, a range exceeding 300 miles is still possible with optimized battery technology.

  • How fast could it charge?

Expect DC fast charging capability around 350 kW, enabling 0-80% charge in roughly 15 minutes.

  • Would it have any unique F-specific features?

Yes! Imagine an adaptive suspension system, Brembo high-performance brakes, and aerodynamic enhancements for improved stability and downforce.

  • What about the interior?

Think high-performance seats, premium materials, and exclusive F branding throughout.

  • Would it have advanced technology?

Absolutely! Expect the latest driver-assistance features, a next-generation HUD, and a premium sound system.

  • When could we see a potential RZ F?

If it happens, it wouldn’t be for several years, as Lexus currently focuses on other EV models.

  • Where would it be available?

It’s likely to be offered in major markets like North America, Europe, and Japan.

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