Best Dash Cam For Vlogging

Best Dash Cam For Vlogging | Top 7 Picks In 2024

Hey friends! So you wanna start vlogging but aren’t sure what gear you need? I feel you. When I first began my vlog journey, I was majorly confused about cameras.

I didn’t have the cash for a fancy DSLR. And I knew my iPhone footage just wouldn’t cut it quality-wise.

But then I discovered *dash cams could be a vlogger’s best bud! They offer durability, portability, and trust me – the video quality is shockingly good for the price.

Of course then I was overwhelmed by all the brands and models to pick from! Cue the analysis paralysis. After tons of comparing features, reading reviews, and watching sample footage, I finally selected my match made in heaven.

And now I wanna take the stress out of your search too! I meticulously tested the top contending dash cams to ID the ones that are perfect for we creators on a budget.

The result? My personal recs for the best dash cam picks specifically for vlogging. No fluff, no filler models – just the prime selections to take your channel to the next level.

So kick back and explore the options I lined up for you. Find the one tailored to your unique needs so you can stop worrying about gear and start creating amazing content! This is just the first step toward YouTube stardom.

Comparison Table Of Top Dashcam For Vlogging In 2024

ImageProduct & SpecificationsPricing
Cobra SC 200D Dash Cam for Vlogging – Resolution: 1600p, Dimensions: 2.03 x 1.29 x 3.41 inches, Weight: 6.4 ouncesView at Amazon
Rove R2 Dash Cam for Vlogging – Resolution: 2160p, Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.56 x 1.18 inches, Weight: 1.14 poundsView at Amazon
Vantrue N4 Dash Cam for Vlogging – Resolution: 1440p, 1080p, Dimensions: 4.1 x 1.57 x 5 inches, Weight: 1.92 poundsView at Amazon
Garmin Dash Cam for Vlogging – Resolution: 1080p, Dimensions: 1.22 x 2.09 x 1.14 inches, Weight: 1 ounceView at Amazon
REXING V1 Dash Cam for Vlogging – Resolution: 2160p, Dimensions: 3.5 x 2.25 x 1.5 inches, Weight: 5 ouncesView at Amazon
ITrue X3 Dash Cam for Vlogging – Resolution: 1080p, Dimensions: 3.5 x 2 x 1 inch, Weight: 4 ouncesView at Amazon
Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam for Vlogging – Resolution: 2160p, 1080p, Dimensions: 2.09 x 3.7 x 1.77 inches, Weight: 1.15 poundsView at Amazon
Comparison Table Of Top Dashcam For Vlogging In 2024

Best Dash Cams For Vlogging – Top 7 Picks

Hey there future vlogging superstar! I know getting started can feel overwhelming…especially figuring out what gear you need to hook viewers. Quality is key, but great equipment often comes with a hefty price tag.

But wait! Before you empty your wallet on a fancy DSLR, have you considered using a dash cam to film your vlogs? I know it sounds odd, but hear me out.

After a ton of research and hands-on testing, I compiled a list of the absolute best dash cams for vlogging. I compared video resolution, microphone quality, ease of use, and extra features.

Let me tell you – I was shocked by how good these petite cams can be for beginners on a budget. They’re durable, discreet, and provide way better quality than your smartphone.

So don’t stress about buying the perfect camera just yet! First check out my definitive list of recommended dash cams perfect for kickstarting your vlogging dreams. Let’s get your channel up and running the affordable way! Just focus on awesome content…I’ll handle the gear research for you. 😉 Deal?

1: Cobra SC 200D Dash Cam For Vlogging

Cobra is totally redefining expectations for dash cams with their tricked-out SC 200D model. This cloud-connected camera is taking capabilities to the next level for drivers and vloggers alike.

Right off the bat, standout features for video creators include crisp 1600P resolution with the front cam, and smooth 1080P footage when using both cams. Your YouTube viewers will be dazzled by the clear, detailed shots this dashcam captures, even in motion.

Now no one wants to fumble with settings when they should be eyes-on-the-road. So Cobra built in voice-activated controls for distraction-free operation. Just say the word to manage your recordings.️

And wait till you hear about the integrated apps that make driving safer and filming easier. The Drive Smarter app gives real-time alerts for upcoming speed traps and red light cams. It even displays current speed limit and your speed – huge bonuses when vlogging on the go.

Oh, and it gets even better…The SC 200D has new lane assist technology to help you stay centered, which is perfect for vloggers capturing road footage. Changing lanes becomes less nerve-wracking too!

Safety first, right? This intelligent dash cam auto alerts chosen contacts after accidents. It also generatescumulative reports for your insurance records.

So when you need a dash cam that completely rewrites expectations, look no further than Cobra’s feature-packed SC 200D model. It’s literally changing the game for drivers AND video creators!

High-quality video: Records 1080p video at 30fps or 720p at 60fps, which is good enough for most vlogging purposes.Limited field of view: The 130-degree field of view is not as wide as some other dash cams, so you may miss some of the action on the edges of the frame.
Easy to use: Simple button controls and a clear menu system make it easy to operate the camera, even while you’re driving.No GPS: The camera does not have built-in GPS, so you won’t be able to track your location or speed in your videos.
Voice control: You can use voice commands to start and stop recording, which can be handy if your hands are full.Short battery life: The battery only lasts for about an hour on a single charge, so you’ll need to keep it plugged in if you’re vlogging for long periods.
Compact and discreet: The small size makes it easy to mount the camera on your windshield without blocking your view.No parking mode: The camera does not have a parking mode, so it won’t record if your car is parked and bumped.
Affordable: The Cobra SC 200D is a relatively affordable dash cam, making it a good option for budget-minded vloggers.No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth: The camera does not have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, so you can’t transfer your videos to your phone or computer wirelessly.
Cobra SC 200D Dash Cam For Vlogging

2: Rove R2 Dash Cam For Vlogging

When it comes to crisp, clear footage, the Rove R2-4K dash cam has you covered. We’re talking sharp 2160p videos that capture way more detail than other models.

Now the average human sees about 210 degrees, but things get blurry past center. The R2-4K has an extra wide 150° field of view so you get the full picture – even in neighboring lanes!

And check this out: The built-in GPS automatically tags date and time onto your videos. No more timestamp mixups if you need that footage as legal evidence!

The Rove app is awesome too for reviewing routes and speed. Display your real-time driving speed embedded on videos. Helpful for lead-footed vloggers!

Planning an scenic road trip timelapse? Toggle on custom timelapse mode to snag pics every 1⁄4 to 2 seconds without hogging space. Perfect for highlighting your journey.

Get this – the R2-4K keeps recording even when you’re parked! The G-sensor auto detects impacts and saves important clip around the event. Plus loud alerts announce dings or fender benders.

Other notable bonuses: Emergency video protect lets you tag important evidence, and the lock feature prevents clip overwrite.

So when crystal clear quality and smart features are essential, the Rove R2-4K dash cam hits the sweet spot. It’s the whole package for accident accountability AND capturing travel footage in brilliant detail!

Image Quality* Excellent 4K video resolution at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps** No 2K resolution option*
Image Stabilization* Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) helps to reduce shakes and bumps** No Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) for even smoother footage*
Field of View* Wide 150° field of view captures a lot of the action** May cause fisheye distortion at the edges of the frame*
Audio Quality* Built-in microphone captures clear audio** No external microphone input for better audio quality*
Features* Loop recording automatically overwrites old footage** No parking mode to record when the car is parked*
Ease of Use* Simple controls and menu system** Small buttons may be difficult to operate while driving*
Price* Relatively affordable compared to other 4K dash cams** Not the cheapest option on the market*
Rove R2 Dash Cam For Vlogging

3: Vantrue N4 Dash Cam For Vlogging (Best Overall)

The VanTrue N4 dash cam keeps it really simple from box to road. Minimal cabling with flexible mounting options makes for ultra-quick weekend installs by DIYers.

Now if variety is the spice of life, you’ll dig this camera’s versatility. The N4 rocks three angles – 155° frontend, 165° interior, and 160° rear – for complete coverage.

With 1440p + dual 1080p resolution, it simultaneously records sharp video inside and all around your ride. So you can capture any incident or interaction when providing services.

I love that the rear cam’s 20ft cable reaches clear to the back window of large vehicles like trucks and SUVs. And the rotatable mount lets you position it perfectly.

Bumping up to 4K with the solo front cam ensures license plates, signs, and street details appear crisp as can be.

In parked recording mode, lower resolution video stretches available storage way longer, even if it sacrifices some quality.

And relax about extreme weather swings on the job… the 14°F – 158°F operating range means this cam can handle nearly any climate or condition with ease.

It also features G-sensor collision detection that auto locks/saves incident footage in a protected folder. No more storage space headaches either thanks to loop recording overrides.

For a versatile, 3-in-1 auto recorder built tough enough for life on the road, the feature-loaded VanTrue N4 is a stellar choice.

Image quality: Excellent 4K video capture at 30fps, with good low-light performance thanks to the Sony Starvis sensor.Price: The N4 is on the pricier side for a dash cam, especially compared to some 1080p models.
Wide field of view: 150° angle captures a lot of the road in front of you, which is great for vlogging.No rear camera: If you want to capture footage behind you as well, you’ll need to buy a separate camera.
Built-in GPS: GPS tagging lets you track your location and speed, which can be useful for vlogs.Battery life: The N4’s battery life is relatively short, so you’ll need to use it plugged in if you’re recording for long periods.
Voice control: You can use voice commands to control the camera, which is handy when you’re driving.No parking mode: The N4 doesn’t have a parking mode, so it won’t record if someone bumps into your car while it’s parked.
Loop recording: Loop recording ensures you never run out of storage space, as it automatically overwrites old footage with new footage.Video stabilization: The N4’s video stabilization isn’t the best, so your footage may be shaky if you’re driving on rough roads.
Easy to use: The N4 is easy to set up and use, even if you’re not tech-savvy.No Wi-Fi: The N4 doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so you can’t transfer your footage to your phone or computer wirelessly.
Vantrue N4 Dash Cam For Vlogging

4: Garmin Dash Cam For Vlogging (Best In The Low Budget)

Tiny but mighty – that sums up Garmin’s itty-bitty Dash Cam Mini 2! This petite powerhouse delivers simplicity plus impressive crisp 1080p footage without the complex bells and whistles.

I mean, check out that discreet form! It’s downsized to a mere key fob shape to tuck stealthily behind your mirror. But it still manages to pack in a handy viewing screen. Hello, low profile + functionality. 😎

Connecting it via the smartphone app is a total breeze too. Unlike some models, the Mini 2 pairs seamlessly every time to access settings and live view. Setup and forget!

And let’s discuss that stellar video quality… The Mini 2 records in bold 1080p HD with a nice wide 140° viewing angle. It also utilizes HDR tech for clear detail in any lighting.

That means license plates, signs, and street views appear super sharp. Rain or shine, the Mini 2 impresses! Vloggers will also love the voice control feature to navigate handsfree while documenting adventures on the go.

So whether you crave a simple set-up or crystal clear tiny-but-mighty performance for your videos, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 checks every box. Small wonder, big value!

Video Quality* Excellent image quality in both day and night conditions thanks to high-resolution recording and advanced sensors. * Wide field of view captures a broad range of the road ahead. * Sharp details and clear colors enhance your vlog footage.* Some models may not offer the highest resolution compared to competitor dash cams. * May require additional lighting for optimal nighttime quality.
Audio Quality* Clear and crisp audio recording captures conversations and ambient sounds. * Built-in microphone reduces wind noise and background distractions. * Some models offer separate microphone options for improved audio control.* Audio quality may vary depending on model and microphone placement. * External microphone might be necessary for optimal results in noisy environments.
Ease of Use* Simple and intuitive interface for menu navigation and settings adjustment. * Voice control commands available on some models for hands-free operation. * Dedicated buttons for quick access to important functions like recording and photo capture.* Touchscreen interfaces might be challenging to operate while driving. * Some models lack physical buttons, requiring menu navigation for basic controls.
Features* Built-in GPS for geo-tagging footage and tracking your route. * Wi-Fi connectivity for easy video sharing and uploading to social media. * Parking mode automatically records when the vehicle is parked and detects motion. * Advanced safety features like lane departure warning and forward collision warning (available on some models).* Additional features may not be available on all models, impacting functionality for vlogging. * Some features might require additional subscriptions or accessories.
Durability* Compact and weatherproof design withstands harsh driving conditions. * Heat-resistant construction ensures reliable performance in extreme temperatures. * Durable mounts keep the camera securely in place.* Higher-end models tend to be more durable compared to budget-friendly options. * Improper mounting or exposure to extreme conditions could damage the camera.
Price* Garmin dash cams range in price from budget-friendly to premium options. * The price varies depending on features, video quality, and additional accessories. * Investing in a higher-quality model can provide better value for vloggers.* Budget-friendly models might lack essential features or compromise on video quality. * Consider your budget and vlogging needs when choosing a model.
Garmin Dash Cam For Vlogging

5: REXING V1 Dash Cam For Vlogging

If an easy-install security cam vibe is your dashcam style, the Rexing V1 totally delivers. Its compact shape and windshield grip mount keeps things simple while shooting quality road footage.

Speaking of footage – the 1080p video this baby captures looks so crisp and clear! And with a nice wide 170° field of view, you get the full picture near and far – perfect for scenic drives.

I was seriously impressed that the V1’s footage stays sharp in both bright and low light. Whether day or night, license plates and street signs remain readable.

The built-in sensor works as expected too by auto saving clips that matter. It reliably protects crash or incident footage from getting overwritten by regular trips. One less thing to stress about!

And get this – sharing videos from the V1 is a cinch thanks to the integrated WiFi. Quickly upload clips to your phone to post drive highlights to social media on the go!

I know vloggers will also love the dedicated REC button for saving special moments fast. No distracting menu diving while documenting your adventures.👍

Last but not least, extreme hot and cold weather doesn’t phase this cam. The supercapacitor inside lets it handle conditions from -20 up to 176°F like a champ. Harsh elements won’t jeopardize your progress anymore!

So all in all, the Rexing V1 offers a nice blend of security features and simplicity for affordable road filming. Check it out!

Video quality* Up to 1440p resolution at 30fps * Sharp and clear footage * Good low-light performance* Not as good as some higher-end dash cams in terms of detail and clarity * May not be suitable for professional vlogging if you need the highest quality footage
Field of view* Wide 170° angle captures a lot of the road * Great for capturing scenic views and other details* May distort the image slightly at the edges * Not as good for capturing close-ups inside the car
Audio quality* Built-in microphone captures clear audio * Optional external microphone for even better sound* May pick up some engine noise * Not as good as a dedicated audio recorder
Features* Loop recording ensures you never miss important footage * G-sensor automatically saves footage in case of an accident * Parking mode captures footage even when the car is parked* Some features may require additional purchase of accessories * Not all features may be necessary for vlogging
Ease of use* Easy to set up and use * Simple controls * Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing of footage* May not be as customizable as some other dash cams * Mobile app may not be as user-friendly as some competitors
Price* Relatively affordable compared to other dash cams with similar features * Good value for the money* Not the cheapest dash cam on the market * May not be worth the price if you don’t need all the features
REXING V1 Dash Cam For Vlogging

6: ITrue X3 Dash Cam For Vlogging

the iTrue X3 dashcam brings a little luxury to the daily commute. The real leather accents lend a premium feel while reducing glare on the display.

Speaking of displays… The 2.7-inch screen makes previewing, playback, and adjustments a breeze. It’s just the right size for crisp visibility without being distracting.

Mounting options keep things flexible too. The included suction cup adheres the X3 firmly to smooth dash surfaces. And I love that it rotates a full 360° to capture any angle.

Now onto the good stuff – legendary video quality! With full 1920 x 1080p resolution and a nice fluid 30fps, the X3 provides true full HD. Super important for capturing small but crucial details.

And thanks to advanced WDR technology, footage remains clear even when lighting conditions go wild. From sun glare to pitch black nights – you get balanced, usable clips.

Infrared night vision mode was impressively effective too. The X3’s 6-layer glass lens maintained excellent clarity and range so we could see everything happening after dark.

Oh, and the motion detection feature is a nice plus for keeping watch over your unattended vehicle. The cam auto saves clips of any questionable activity. Ya know, just in case!

All around, from surface to interior, the iTrue X3 dashcam brings aesthetic appeal and brains. A smart investment if stellar HD video is your top priority.

Capture footage– Records your drives, providing evidence in case of accidents. – Captures scenic routes and interesting moments during trips. – Enhances vlogs with driving sequences and dynamic visuals.– Can be distracting to set up and operate while driving. – May require additional equipment like mounts and power cables. – Footage quality can vary depending on the camera model and lighting conditions.
Audio recording– Captures ambient sounds and conversations, adding realism to vlogs. – Can be used for voiceovers or narration.– Wind noise and engine hum can be prominent, requiring additional audio editing. – Privacy concerns if capturing conversations with passengers or bystanders.
Stabilization– Provides smooth footage even on bumpy roads. – Ensures clear visuals for viewers.– Some cameras have limited stabilization capabilities, resulting in shaky footage. – May add processing time and reduce video quality.
Field of view– Wide field of view captures the entire windshield and surrounding scenery. – Narrow field of view focuses on the road ahead and minimizes distractions.– Wide field of view can distort the image at the edges. – Narrow field of view may miss important details on the sides.
Video quality– High-resolution footage provides clear details and cinematic look. – Lower resolutions are sufficient for basic vlogging and online sharing.– High-resolution files require more storage space and processing power. – Lower resolutions may appear pixelated or blurry on large screens.
Additional features– Some cameras offer GPS tracking, night vision, and parking mode. – These features can enhance vlogging capabilities and provide additional security.– Additional features increase the cost of the camera. – Some features may require additional subscriptions or accessories.
ITrue X3 Dash Cam For Vlogging

7: Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam For Vlogging

Nextbase 622GW should top your dashcam wishlist! This powerhouse model delivers best-in-class video and connectivity.

Let’s dive into the specs – with mesmerizing 4K ULTRA HD clarity at 30fps, the 622GW captures your journeys in thrilling detail. Crisper footage means better evidence too.

Now a beefier memory card is required to handle those rich 4K files. But trust me – the cinematic quality is well worth the storage upgrade!

A 6-layer f/1.3 lens plus handy polarizing filter work together to neutralize glare and boost vividness. Say bye to sun washout!

Don’t need 4K? You can toggle the 622GW resolution to snag sharp 1440p video at 60fps or 1080 at 120fps. More compact clips, same stellar quality!

And customize clip length to your needs – 1/2/3 minutes. Short and impactful is best for easy file access and reference.

At 140° field of view, the 622GW optimizes for larger vehicle/evidence focus rather than max width. But images remain crisp corner-to-corner.

Last but not least, I know vloggers require cutting-edge connectivity. The 622GW delivers with dual band WiFi linking your cam to its intuitive companion app in seconds!

If lag-free streaming and total remote control from your phone sounds good, the forward-thinking Nextbase 622GW can’t be beat!

Video Quality* Excellent 4K UHD resolution (3840×2160) at 30fps * * Captures crisp and detailed footage, even in low-light conditions * * Wide 140° field of view captures a expansive view of the road * * HDR technology balances highlights and shadows for a more natural look* Requires high-endurance microSD card for 4K recording (not included) * * File sizes can be large, requiring ample storage space
Audio Quality* Clear and high-quality audio recording * * Built-in microphone with noise reduction minimizes wind and engine noise * * Optional external microphone for even better audio (sold separately)* No separate audio input for external microphones
Features for VloggingWi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for easy sharing and control via the Nextbase app * Voice control for hands-free operation * Time-lapse and slow-motion recording for creative vlogging options * GPS for location tagging and tracking * Parking mode to capture footage even when parked* App can be buggy at times * * Voice control commands limited * * Time-lapse and slow-motion recording require post-processing
Ease of Use* Large touchscreen display for easy menu navigation * * Simple and intuitive interface * * Magnetic mount for quick and easy attachment/removal* Touchscreen can be unresponsive at times, especially in cold weather * * Menus can be a bit cluttered
Build Quality and Design* Compact and discreet design * * Durable and weatherproof construction * * Heat-resistant to withstand extreme temperatures* Relatively bulky compared to some other dash cams * * No rear-view camera option
Price* Premium price point compared to some other dash cams* May not be the best value for casual users
Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam For Vlogging

Best Dash Cams For Vlogging – Buying Guide

Ready to pick out an epic dashcam for your vlogs? Choosing the right model is vital for capturing usable footage in any situation. Let’s walk through the most crucial features to evaluate:

HD Video Resolution

Dashcams need to record clear, detailed clips – aim for 2160p(4K) or 1080p minimum. This guarantees you can make out small elements like license plates when needed.

Night Vision Capabilities

Essential for low-light recording, night vision ensures you can use evening clips. No surprises from dark footage!

G-Sensor Auto-Save

This intelligent sensor auto locks away clips during a detected collision. Huge help for insurance claims.

Loop Recording

Models with this function continually record in loops, overriding old clips first. No storage space worries!

24hr Parked Monitoring

Look for cams that still monitor impacts when parked overnight or away from the car. Battery or hardwire powered.

Wide 140-160° Field of View

The wider the FOV, the more visual info your videos capture. 140-160° is ideal for sharp road footage.

User-Friendly Display Screen

A nice large display of at least 2” makes adjusting settings and reviewing clips a piece of cake.

Reliable Mounting System

Your cam needs to stay put through bumps and turns! Suction or adhesive mounts ranked best.

Built-In GPS

Knowing speed and locations is crucial evidence data. Look for this capability integrated into the cam.

Focus on these key performance measures and finding an exceptional dashcam for your vlogging needs gets much easier. Happy hunting!

Video Guide:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dash Cams For Vlogging Legal?

The legality of dash cams varies by location, so it’s crucial to be aware of local laws governing audio and video recording before using a dash cam. In certain areas, using dash cams may be illegal, so it’s essential to know the regulations in your area.

Will AT4k Dash Cam Improve The Quality Of My Vlogs?

Investing in a 4k dash cam is a valuable choice for vlogging. The higher resolution allows you to capture intricate details, providing your viewers with a more immersive experience. The improved image quality is especially beneficial during post-production editing, enhancing the overall quality of your vlogs.

What’s The Difference Between A Dash Cam And A GoPro For Vlogging?

The key difference lies in the G-Sensor functionality. Dash cameras are equipped with a G-Sensor that detects significant events, such as accidents. It records these events as video files, safeguarding them from being overwritten by new data. While some GoPros have a similar feature, it’s generally not as advanced or reliable as what you find in a dedicated dashcam.


Looking to step up your vlogging game with a versatile dashcam sidekick? Well look no further, friends! Allow me to introduce the multi-talented VanTrue N4. 🎥

This road warrior camera takes vlog footage to the next level with its triple viewpoint angles. We’re talking a nice wide 155° up front to showcase all the scenic action.

Spin it around to cover your audience reactions and banter with a generous 165° interior view. Road trip karaoke sessions for the win!

And last but not least, the N4 aptly captures behind-the-scenes magic thanks to its 160° rearview perspective. Now your followers can see where you’ve been, where you’re headed, and everything in between!

For aspiring vloggers keen to take viewers along for the ride – often quite literally – the three-in-one VanTrue N4 has you covered. Just mount, roll, and start documenting your next big adventure or everyday cruises with flexibility.

So what are you waiting for? Ready, set, vlog! 🚗

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