How Much Does A Dash Cam Installation Cost

How Much Does A Dash Cam Installation Cost?

These days is having a good security setup in your car is a big deal. Dashcams and stuff let you record video if there’s an accident or someone messes with your vehicle. More footage means a better chance the cops can catch the perp or your insurance will cover damages.

But getting a dashcam installed can get crazy expensive and complicated real fast. We’re talking dropping thousands of bucks for a legit system. So most normal folks don’t even bother ’cause we can’t justify the huge costs.

I want to break down what actually goes into the pricing for getting a dashcam set up. The total cost depends on a bunch of factors I’ll explain. At least give you an idea what you’d be getting into money-wise if you decide to put cameras in your ride.

And maybe a few tips to avoid getting totally ripped off by shady dealers trying to push overpriced gear. Knowledge is power when it comes to ride security gear, ya dig?

How Much Does A Dash Cam Installation Cost
How Much Does A Dash Cam Installation Cost

How Much Does A Dash Cam Installation Cost?

If you just need a basic single camera dashcam set up, you’re looking at around $35 to $50 bucks total. Obviously it varies a bit depending on where you live and how fancy you go with the camera.

The more cameras you add, the more complicated the install and the higher the cost. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Dual cam setup – $70 to $300
  • Single cam – You can often DIY for free or pay $50 to $100 for shop installation
  • Dual cam – Figure $100 to $220 for installation since it’s more advanced

Nowadays the cameras themselves have gotten way better but not pricier. So go with a newer model – you get clearer video and features without paying extra. An old crappy cam isn’t worth installing.

So realistically, what’s the damage if you wanted to deck out your ride with a sick multi-cam system professionally set up? Lay out some options for me bro. And show me average pricing for the gear and installation in each case. Whip up one of your fancy charts if you want.

I wanna see what I’d reasonably pay for a tricked out dashcam one way or another, feel me? Times are tough out here, but I still gotta keep my ride secure.

Dashcam Dashcam cost Installation cost Total
Dashcam with Dual Camera $160 $185 $345
Dashcam with High-Cost $200 $75 $275
Dashcam with Average Cost $100 $75 $175
Dashcam with Low-Cost $50 $75 $125

On Which Factors Does The Cost Of A DashCam Depend?

When it comes to dashcams, you usually get what you pay for – spend more cash and you’ll get better video quality and fancier features. But if you’re on a budget, there are still decent cams with basics covered.

The main things that make the price jump up are:

  • Video resolution – The more detailed footage you want, the pricer it gets. 1080P is decent. 4K is pricey but crystal clear.
  • Extra features – Want a cam with built-in GPS to track routes or wifi to download video to your phone? That costs extra. More bells and whistles mean a higher tag.
  • Number of cameras – Front/rear dual cam setups give wider coverage but double the hardware costs.
  • Brand name – Major brands often charge more even if specs are similar. Paying for that logo!
  • Size of memory card – More onboard storage for holding longer driving history is convenient but adds expense.

Price Tag

You can find dashcams ranging from 30 bucks to 500 bucks depending on the brand and features. Most decent cams with the basics go for $100-400. Gotta set a budget based on what you really need/want and what you can afford.

The baseline should get you:

  • Built-in screen
  • 1080P recording
  • Parking mode
  • Loop recording
  • G-sensor auto-save

The pricier cams add extras like:

  • WiFi/app connectivity
  • Voice control
  • Night vision
  • Fancy mounts

Video Quality

Footage quality depends on the tech inside. More advanced = better video = bigger price tag. Dashcams record either high-def video or lower-res still images.

High-def = examining detail like license plates later. Lower-res = good enough to prove basic facts.

Key specs that determine quality:

  1. Resolution
  2. Frame rates
  3. Field of view
  4. Low-light capabilities

Power Supply

Most dashcams use your car’s battery, turning on/off with the engine. But some pricier models have built-in batteries so you can record without the car running.

GoPros and other sports cams work too but battery life isn’t made for continuous use.

Storage Space

More recording time/history requires more dashcam storage, starting around 4GB. For 24/7 use, look for 64GB+ (microSD card).

Camera Size

Bigger lens = bigger field of view in footage. But larger cams cost more. Gotta balance size and price.

Wired vs Wireless

Wireless cams cost more and are trickier to install. Wired models are affordable and plug and play.

Can You Install A Dashcam Itself?

Luckily the dashcam companies have made setting these things up pretty simple these days. Usually it’s a quick and painless process that doesn’t require any fancy technical skills.

Most cams at least come with a little quickstart guide for the basics. So unless you’re going full pro with the wiring, it’s totally DIY-friendly. Just stick to what the instructions say!

But you gotta be careful where you place the thing. Mounting the cam poorly can cause issues:

  • It can block seeing the road which is mad illegal and unsafe. That’s an automatic ticket if cops notice.
  • Sloppy installation also risks damaging your fancy new camera when going over bumps and stuff. Then you wasted money for nothing.

So while most people can handle sticking up the camera themselves no problem, if you wanna play it 100% safe, have a car audio shop put it in professionally.

That way you know for sure it’s set up legally and secured properly. Might have to pay an installation fee but it saves potential headaches or fines later, ya feel me?

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Things That Are Necessary To Install A Dashcam:

When you grab a dashcam, there’s some extra stuff you gotta get to fully set it up:

Mounting Hardware: The cam needs to be secured firmly to your ride. So get some solid mounting screws or adhesive pads specific to your car’s interior. Can’t have your new cam rattling around while driving!

Car Bracket: You’ll want a bracket custom molded to properly fit the curves of your dash for clean positioning. Avoid janky universal brackets – get one designed for your whip’s model.

Power Cable: Don’t forget a power cable to juice up your cam. Needs constant power from your ride to work right.

Battery Pack: A backup battery is clutch in case the cam loses main power. Mini in-car jump starter packs work great.

Storage: Snag some SD cards or a portable hard drive to save all the driving footage building up daily. HD video files stack up quick!

Other Accessories: There’s mounts and other little extras that make using your cam more convenient. Browse and see what makes sense for your needs.

Get all that situated along with the cam itself, and you’ll be set up pro-style to capture any wild driving situations in crystal clear 4K!

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Dashcam?

Dashcams can do way more than just record drives. They really step up your safety/awareness when riding around. Especially paired with a radar detector. Here’s why adding a cam is a smart move:

Keep An Eye On Your Wheels

You can review cam footage to monitor your car’s condition and catch any worrying signs of damage early. Like noticing a new scratch suddenly appear on the rear bumper when parked.

Accident Fault/Cause

If some fool drifts into your lane, the cam footage clearly shows they’re at fault for any incident. You can determine exactly how an accident went down afterwards. Super useful if you gotta deal with insurance.

Insurance Claims

Speaking of insurance, cam footage speeds up the claims process big time after an accident. Just show the video to prove you weren’t speeding or at fault. Keeps rates lower.

Recover Stolen Vehicles

If your ride gets jacked, cam footage early in the theft helps cops locate it using timestamps and gps data. Increased chance of getting your baby back!

Improve Road Safety

Uploading dashcam clips can show local danger spots like obstructions in lanes or bad potholes. Helps the city better identify roads in need of fixes to prevent hazards.

So dashcams boost safety and awareness for you as a driver in all types of situations!

Final Verdict:

Dashcams are essential gear for all car owners seeking protection and evidence in case of accidents. But what’s the typical installation cost for these worthwhile investments?

The price you’ll pay depends chiefly on video quality and built-in storage capacity. High-resolution cameras and ample recording space mean spending more upfront.

Most standard dashcams range from $30 to $50 including installation. But specialized models go up from there. Even entry-level options though provide core accident documentation to safeguard drivers.

Weigh your main priorities – crystal clear video or budget flexibility? Tailor choices to needs. Individual requirements steer ideal dashcam selection and installation expenditure.

But for all, these small cameras pay dividends in securing peace of mind behind the wheel. Their deterrent presence watches out for owners’ well-being across every trip.

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