Does Honda Install Dash Cam

Does Honda Install Dash Cam?

Yes, I believe Honda does install dash cams in a number of their vehicle models nowadays. It’s become a pretty common safety feature. The dash cam basically records video of whatever’s happening right through the front windshield as you drive. It’s constantly capturing footage and saving it onto a little memory card that’s tucked away somewhere in the dash.

Then, if you ever need the footage for any reason – maybe you witnessed an accident or want to see something that happened on a trip – you can just pop out that memory card and view the videos. Some of the newer Honda models even have dash cams that connect to your phone.

Those ones can actually send the live footage straight to an app on your smartphone while you’re driving around. Pretty neat feature if you ask me! It’s like your Honda’s own built-in copilot, keeping an extra set of eyes on the road. And if you ever have any incidents or accidents to document, that dash cam footage could prove quite useful.

Does Honda Install Dash Cam
Does Honda Install Dash Cam

Can I Install A Dash Cam In A Honda Car?

Sure, you can totally put a dash cam in your Honda if you want! I actually think they’re a pretty smart idea. The only tricky part is making sure you get one that fits nicely on your car’s dashboard – some are specific for different car models.

You’ll wanna weigh the pros and cons before deciding if a dash cam is right for you. On one hand, having footage of any accidents or crazy stuff you see on the road could be super helpful. On the other hand, these cameras can glitch out, drain your car battery if installed wrong, and just be kind of a pain to deal with.

So you gotta ask yourself – is the extra security and potential evidence worth some hassle? Will you actually check the footage regularly for it to be useful? Or would it cause more annoyance than anything? At the end of the day, it’s your call based on what you prioritize.

I don’t think there’s necessarily a right or wrong choice. Take some time to research camera options and costs. If it feels right for you and your Honda, awesome! If not, no worries – you can always change your mind later on too. The choice is yours, my friend!

Do All Honda Cars Come With A Dash Cam?

Nope, having a built-in dash cam doesn’t come standard on all Honda models or anything like that. Only some of the newer Honda vehicles actually come with them.

Like for example – the Honda Accord has a basic backup camera for when you’re in reverse, but no dash cam filming the road ahead or accidents and stuff like that.

But on some bigger Honda SUVs, you’ll get a dash cam included as a feature. Models like the CR-V or Pilot come equipped with dash cams on higher trim options I believe.

So in a nutshell, it really depends on which Honda you drive as to whether there’s a dash cam onboard or not. You can’t assume they come standard on all models. But they are on certain Hondas these days if driver recording and footage is important to you! Just something to check for when you’re picking out a new Honda – see if that dash cam comes included or if you’ll need to install an aftermarket one yourself later on.

Below are the most popular Aftermarket dashcam options in the market.

Does installing dash cam void Honda warranty?

I was concerned about the same thing during my first experience, but a properly installed dashcam does not void your vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty.

On the other hand, if you use aftermarket products correctly and don’t interfere with in-car electronics, The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act shields you from having your warranty void.

If you’d like, you can plug in your dash cam at the company service center just to be safe.

How long does it take to install dascsm

Well, how long it takes really depends on the kind of Honda you drive and what type of dash cam setup you get.

Like, obviously sticking a single camera on the windshield of your Civic is going to be a lot quicker than wiring up multiple cams all over your Pilot SUV or Odyssey minivan. More surface area to cover!

And you’ve got two main options for dash cams – either just a front-facing one that watches the road, or a combo pack with a rear-view camera too. Naturally that second kind is going to require more time for installation, since the installer will have to route wires from front to back and get both cameras nicely positioned. More wires, more work!

So I’d say generally speaking, figure a single windshield-mounted cam will take 30-60 minutes start to finish in an average sedan like an Accord. Going for the dual cam route though in bigger vehicle with more real estate could run you 2 hours for a full front-to-back professional install. Maybe longer if it’s a bigger truck or van and they gotta snake wires through door frames and stuff.

But hey, more cameras mean more angles covered right? As long as you’re cool investing the extra installation time, it’ll pay off whenever you need that sweet vid evidence! Just be sure you find an installer up for the challenge of your Honda model.

Dash dash cam worth the money

Absolutely! Installing a dashcam is totally smart thinking. Lots of savvy drivers are starting to put them in nowadays. I mean, whenever some kind of accident or incident happens on the road – wouldn’t you want hard evidence on your side? That footage could be a lifesaver for dealing with insurance or police down the line.

Plus, you can actually capture all kinds of wild stuff. Crazy road rage incidents, people texting and swerving in traffic, close calls with random debris on the highway – who knows what kinds of insane driving fails or illegal things you might see over time and have on tape! Not to mention just capturing fun memories when you’re on awesome road trips with the family too.

So in short – yep, I’m in the camp that says dashcams are smart investments for any responsible driver looking out for their best interests. They provide a little extra security blanket in this world of wacky drivers and endless congested highways. And you honestly never know when handy video evidence might save you a major headache someday. So if you can swing installing one, I’d totally recommend it, my friend!


Unlike some other car brands, Honda doesn’t actually build dash cams straight into all their vehicles on the factory line. But I totally get why having one installed would give you major peace of mind! Even though they don’t come standard, you can absolutely purchase an aftermarket dash cam and hook it up in your Honda yourself.

Now, this is important – you’ll wanna make sure whoever’s helping you install it routes the wires and sets it up properly. You don’t want anything done that could void your existing Honda warranty or cause electrical issues down the road! As long as it’s installed correctly though, there’s no reason a dash cam can’t be a great add-on upgrade to your Honda.

I’d chat with a knowledgeable installation shop about the best style of dash cam for your specific Honda make and model. Get their input on any wiring specifics to pay attention to as well. Doing a little upfront research and having it installed correctly means you’ll get years of reliable footage and protection from that dash cam without hassling with any warranty headaches. So it’s definitely still an option – just take care in how you go about getting it set up!

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