XUV400 owner’s complaints

Mahindra XUV400 Owner Exposes Major Problems With New SUV In Scathing Post

Automobile manufacturers (OEMs) retain the prerogative to introduce fresh functionalities or discontinue existing ones, which can lead to dissatisfaction among affected clientele. Among the recurring grievances voiced by car purchasers is the non-receipt of the pledged array of features. During a vehicle’s launch, manufacturers often accentuate its standout attributes. However, during the handover phase, customers sometimes find certain advertised features absent.

A parallel incident recently unfolded involving an XUV400 proprietor. In addition to the absent features, the owner has raised attention to several other concerns. The owner has indicated that fellow buyers who availed the early bird offer were also encountering a similar set of challenges.

XUV400 owner’s complaints

As per the owner’s account, Mahindra had assured buyers who embraced the early bird offer of receiving the best price. This offer was valid for the initial 10,000 units of the XUV400. However, the owner alleges that this pricing arrangement was subsequently altered. Customers who made reservations at a later stage were granted an additional discount of Rs 1 lakh. The owner perceives this change as a deprivation of Rs 1 lakh, feeling that had he waited, he too could have availed the supplementary discount.

Another grievance lodged by the owner pertains to the absence of certain features. According to him, the vehicle showcased during the launch event boasted functionalities like ESP, cruise control, and traction control. Similarly, the test drive model at the M&M factory exhibited these attributes. However, the XUV400 delivered to the owner lacks these features. This omission has left the owner deeply disheartened, especially considering that he had chosen the early bird offer. It is evident that his faith in the brand has been significantly undermined.

Issues with connectivity platform

Delving into his personal encounter, the owner details that the Bluesense+ platform had initially pledged over 60 advanced connectivity features. It seems that the app operated seamlessly in the beginning. However, it encountered issues subsequently. The app fails to establish a connection, displaying the vehicle as offline. Seeking a resolution, the owner lodged a complaint with Mahindra’s service team. Regrettably, the owner claims that the issue remains unresolved despite their efforts.

Among other observed deficiencies, the owner highlights a scarcity of fundamental spare parts like the boot parcel tray and mud flaps. Astonishingly, these shortages persist even three months after taking delivery.

Hoping for Mahindra’s intervention and a swift resolution, it’s noteworthy that the XUV400 has witnessed remarkable success, amassing bookings of over 10,000 units within a few days. Bookings for the XUV400 commenced earlier this year on Republic Day. According to Mahindra, the accumulated bookings are equivalent to 7 months’ supply. Undoubtedly, those who placed their trust in Mahindra by embracing the early bird offer deserve to receive the promised commitments.

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