India's First Hydrogen Bus Starts Public Operation in Leh

India’s First Hydrogen Bus Starts Public Operation in Leh

In its pursuit of establishing a Carbon-Neutral Ladakh, NTP is taking significant strides by establishing a Hydrogen Fuelling Station, implementing a Solar Plant, and introducing a fleet of 05 Fuel Cell buses for operation on intracity routes within Leh.

The commencement of a 3-month trial process marks a noteworthy milestone. On August 17th, India’s inaugural hydrogen-powered bus arrived in Leh, initiating a comprehensive period of field-trials, roadworthiness assessments, and compliance with regulatory protocols.

This groundbreaking initiative signifies the pioneering deployment of hydrogen buses on public roads in India, showcasing a remarkable leap forward in sustainable transportation for the country.

Green Hydrogen Mobility Project

Situated at an elevation of 11,562 feet, the groundbreaking Green Hydrogen Mobility Project stands as a pioneering endeavor. Notably, this project is co-located with a dedicated 1.7 MW Solar plant, ensuring a consistent supply of renewable energy. One of the remarkable aspects of this initiative is the design of the fuel cell buses, tailored to operate efficiently in sub-zero temperatures and the rarefied atmosphere characteristic of high-altitude locations. This distinct feature underscores the uniqueness and innovation of the entire project.

NTPC’s Plans Toward Renewable Energy

NTPC is dedicated to attaining a Renewable Energy capacity of 60 GW by 2032, solidifying its role as a significant participant in both Green Hydrogen Technology and Energy Storage sectors. The corporation is actively pursuing various endeavors to advance decarbonization, including Hydrogen blending, Carbon Capture, Electric Vehicle (EV) buses, the establishment of Smart NTPC Townships, and more.

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