Chevy and GMC Heavy-Duty Trucks

GM Issues Recall for Chevy and GMC Heavy-Duty Trucks Due to Faulty Steering Shafts

Unveiled with great fanfare in September 2022, the 2024 model year Chevrolet Silverado HD pickup truck has been subjected to a recall due to a concerning issue. The problem stems from certain components within the steering gear assembly that were inadequately heat treated by the supplier.

The supplier in question is Nexteer, headquartered in Michigan. The critical concern arises if the steering gear shaft fractures, rendering the driver unable to steer the vehicle. General Motors detected this issue on June 20 when a quality engineer at the company discovered a fractured shaft during an alignment procedure. This discovery was promptly reported through the Speak Up For Safety program, established in 2014 as a response to the infamous ignition switch debacle.

The subsequent day, on June 21, Nexteer acknowledged that it had dispatched steering gear assemblies with components that lacked proper heat treatment. The perplexing question is how these assemblies managed to pass quality control

The situation takes a more disconcerting turn as General Motors identified that Nexteer employed materials that did not conform to specifications. On a positive note, the largest of the Detroit Big Three automakers is not aware of any field incidents or warranty claims related to this issue. Immediate containment measures were enacted on June 23. The implicated assemblies are also utilized in the GMC Sierra HD. A total of just under 3,900 pickup trucks are subject to this recall, divided between the 2500 and 3500 series.

According to the attached document, the vehicles in question were assembled between June 7 and June 24. The steering gear assemblies involved have the following part numbers: 86802095, 86802096, 86802097, 86802098, and 86554125. Dealers have already been instructed to scrutinize and, if necessary, replace the steering gear. Owners should anticipate receiving GM-branded envelopes containing information regarding NHTSA recall number 23V-549 by September 18.

Both the Silverado and Sierra hold a dominant position in the full-size pickup truck segment, surpassing the F-Series by a significant margin in terms of sales. In the first half of 2023, deliveries of the Silverado and Sierra reached 411,299 pickup trucks (including medium-duty variants). In contrast, the Ford Motor Company sold 382,893 units of the F-Series (including 8,757 units of the Lightning).

The Silverado HD is available in five primary configurations: Regular Cab Long Bed, Double Cab Standard Bed, Double Cab Long Bed, Crew Cab Standard Bed, and Crew Cab Long Bed. The most economical Silverado HD model starts at $45,295 as of the current time. Customers can choose from two V8 engines, both coupled with 10-speed automatic transmissions.

General Motors markets the optional 6.6-liter Duramax turbo diesel V8 as an Allison, although this is not entirely accurate. Allison has only lent its name to the transmission, which is actually manufactured by General Motors rather than Allison. To have a genuine Allison in the Silverado, one would need to opt for a medium-duty truck such as the 4500 HD, 5500 HD, or 6500 HD Chassis Cab.

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