Audi SQ5 Spied

Audi SQ5 Spied With More Stylish Looks

The horizon heralds hybridization and a rejuvenated appearance.

The 2024 Audi SQ5 has been spied on European roads, donning its production headlight clusters, now featuring a sleeker and sharper look with reduced daytime running light elements. However, not all facets adopt a sharper edge; the bumpers hint at rounder contours for the main lower grille and lower side grilles.

Furthermore, the signature Singleframe grille undergoes refinement with smoother angles at the bottom and crisper angles on top, accompanied by new mesh patterns. The mirror housings have undergone reshaping, while at the rear, the taillights mirror the treatment bestowed upon the headlights. The rear bumper receives adjustments, and notably, the exhaust tips seem to no longer embrace a faux design.

Audi SQ5 Spied
Audi SQ5 Spied

Delving into the mechanical realm, Ingolstadt has yet to release fresh details. Nevertheless, expectations align with up to 370 horsepower harnessed from a mild-hybrid system. This could involve the incumbent V6 engine or a compact four-cylinder alternative. The existing 2023 model delivers 349 hp from a turbocharged 3.0-liter V6. Confirming Audi’s intent to venture beyond combustion-powered vehicles, this might be the last instance when the Audi Q5 or its sportier SQ5 sibling provides a powertrain that isn’t exclusively electrified.

Anticipated to be managed by a dual-clutch automatic, derived from sounds captured during SQ5 testing on the Nurburgring, the power distribution will remain loyal to all four wheels. Inside the cabin, a duo of screens will command attention on the dashboard. An unsettling report suggests that these screens lack physical controls for climate functions. One can only hope that Audi avoids the misstep made by Volkswagen in replacing conventional buttons with touch-capacitive alternatives that necessitate direct visual attention for accurate usage. After significant backlash, Volkswagen vowed to rectify this oversight in upcoming models, but the damage has been done. If Audi treads a similar path, it would be a surprising misjudgment.

As the year draws to a close, a clearer picture should emerge, coinciding with the anticipated arrival of the standard Q5. The SQ5 is slated to make its debut in 2024.

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