Car Dashboard Cameras

Advantages of Using Car Dashboard Cameras

A dashboard camera, or dash cam, is a small video camera that mounts on your car’s dashboard or windshield. It records video continuously as you drive or when the vehicle is parked. Dash cams are becoming increasingly popular among drivers today. Here’s a look at the many great benefits they offer!


Dash cams are also called car cameras, vehicle cameras, driving recorders, or event data recorders. They’ve been growing in popularity over the last decade as their technology improves and prices drop.

These tiny cameras provide you with continuous video footage from inside your car. They capture the road ahead as well as some models that record the interior and rear.

Dash cams can provide vital visual evidence in the case of an accident. They also deter fraud, monitor parking, and simply capture crazy or amusing things you see on the road!

Car Dashboard Cameras
Car Dashboard Cameras

Evidence in Accidents

One of the biggest advantages of using a dash cam is having clear video evidence in the case of an accident:

  • The footage can clearly establish who was at fault in a crash, protecting you from false claims.
  • Video eliminates a lot of the “he said, she said” ambiguity after accidents.
  • You’ll save time and headaches dealing with insurance companies by having solid proof.

Preventing Insurance Fraud

Dash cams help prevent and expose common insurance fraud schemes:

  • They make it nearly impossible for scammers to stage fake accidents for profit.
  • Footage will reveal if the accident was deliberately caused.
  • Knowing cameras are rolling deters many insurance fraud attempts.

Added Security

Dash cams also provide security and peace of mind when you’re not driving:

  • Parking surveillance mode captures footage when your car is off. Great for hit-and-runs.
  • Record hit-and-runs while parked to help catch the perpetrator.
  • Tracking stolen vehicles – Footage may reveal the thief’s identity.

Capturing Fun/Crazy Moments

In addition to the safety and security benefits, dash cams capture hilarious, unbelievable things you may see on the road:

  • Strange events like meteors, extreme weather, and bizarre happenings.
  • Beautiful scenery like majestic landscapes and cityscapes.
  • Entertainment while driving – capturing funny animals, car mishaps, or people being weird!

Features to Look For

Key features that make for a top-quality dash cam:

  • High-res video (1080p minimum)
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Night vision capability
  • Automatic incident detection
  • Built-in GPS

Installation Tips

Properly installing your dash cam takes just a few simple steps:

  • Place on windshield behind rearview mirror.
  • Hardwire to car battery for parking surveillance.
  • Neatly tuck away wires using trim tools.


Based on expert testing and customer reviews, here are my top dash cam picks:

  • Nextbase 622GW (premium 4K camera loaded with features)
  • Vantrue N4 (great affordable front & rear cam)
  • Aukey DR-02 (budget dual cam under $100)


Dash cams offer drivers critical protection and peace of mind. The video evidence can resolve accident disputes quickly and prevent fraud. Dash cams also capture fun, weird, and beautiful moments you may encounter on the road. Just be sure to choose one with essential features like night recording, collision detection, and parking monitoring. With the right dash cam watching over your drive, you can feel confident you’re covered!

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