Fiat 600e

Abarth to Give Fiat 600e a Hot Hatch Makeover

Prepare for a jolt of exhilaration as the electrifying Fiat 600e, unveiled recently, is poised to receive the adrenaline-infused Abarth treatment, following in the tire tracks of its nimbler 500e counterpart.

Abarth, akin to Hyundai’s N division, embraces its role as a performance marque with unwavering earnestness, ensuring this isn’t a mere veneer of sporty aesthetics. While technical specifics of the Abarth 600e remain shrouded, its impending existence is undeniable, anticipated to grace the scene by early 2025. Olivier Francois, CEO of Fiat and Abarth, was questioned about the potential Abarth 600e, to which he responded, “It’s logical,” according to Autocar. While we await comprehensive details on the Abarth 600e, we can glimpse into the smaller Abarth 500e for some clues.

Fiat 600e
Fiat 600e

The Abarth 500e boasts a power surge of around 30% compared to the standard 500e. Extrapolating similar gains to the 600e would yield an approximate 200 horsepower for the Abarth 600e. While it may not align with the highest EV outputs, this figure promises sprightly acceleration for a compact family crossover.

Clocking in at just about 164 inches in length, slightly surpassing the petite Chevy Bolt EV hatchback, the standard 600e is bound to flaunt lightweight attributes for an electric vehicle. While the configuration of a single or dual motor remains enigmatic, considering Abarth’s aim isn’t colossal power, a solitary motor could suffice. Nevertheless, the platform shared with the Jeep Avenger allows room for all-wheel drive, suggesting a dual-motor eAWD setup isn’t out of the question.

Should the Abarth 600e inherit the same 54-kWh battery as its conventional counterpart, its range might not extend significantly beyond 200 miles. Expectations also rally around tailored chassis tuning and more responsive steering for the Abarth 600e.

Echoing its smaller sibling’s tech and sporty embellishments, the Abarth 600e is projected to encompass the Turismo, Scorpion Street, and Scorpion Track driving modes. Turismo mode calibrates power delivery for smoother acceleration, while Scorpion Track dismisses comfort for peak powertrain prowess.

A distinct Sound Generator akin to the Abarth 500e endeavors to mimic the resonance of a conventional Abarth gasoline engine. While not universally favored, as some prefer the sanctity of an unsullied cabin soundscape, this feature can be disengaged for purists.

Much like the Abarth 500e, the Abarth 600e is set to embrace aesthetic enhancements, including bespoke alloy wheels, dynamic bumpers, striking paints like Acid Green and Poison Blue, and the modern reimagining of the Scorpion emblem. Anticipate an interior adorned with spirited elements like Alcantara and performance-oriented seats.

The fate of Abarth renditions of the 500e and 600e in North America remains uncertain, yet remains a hopeful prospect. The gas-powered Fiat 500 Abarth, last available for the 2019 model year, embodied a spirited drive at an accessible price, and if the Abarth 600e can capture a similar fervor, its presence on our roads would be a sight to behold.

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