2024 Toyota Tacoma

2024 Toyota Tacoma Revealed Interior Gallery

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma is an exciting new pickup truck from Toyota that offers great capability and versatility for truck buyers. Toyota recently revealed new details and images of the 2024 Tacoma, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from this updated truck. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what the 2024 Toyota Tacoma has to offer.

New Styling and Design

The most noticeable changes to the 2024 Tacoma are found in the exterior styling. The front-end receives a bold, aggressive redesign that sets it apart from previous model years. The grille is much larger and more pronounced, with chunky lettering that spells out “TOYOTA” across the front. New headlights and fog lights have been reshaped and appear more modern as well.

Along the sides, the 2024 Tacoma has a more chiseled profile with sculpted lines that give it a muscular stance. More creases and body lines have been added to make it look rugged and capable. The Tacoma will continue to come with different bed lengths and cab configurations to suit different needs.

Out back, the Taillights have been restyled and now feature a distinctive C-shaped lighting pattern. The rear bumper has also been updated to match the new look up front. Overall, the styling shifts are evolutionary rather than revolutionary, but give the truck a fresh, modern appearance that should draw looks out on the road.

Refreshed Interior and New Tech

The interior of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma also receives some nice upgrades. The dashboard has been redesigned to improve ergonomics and update the aesthetics. New color schemes and trim materials provide a more premium feel. The Tacoma will come standard with an 8-inch touchscreen for the latest version of Toyota’s Entune infotainment system.

Higher trim levels will offer a larger 9-inch touchscreen and the latest in Toyota’s connected services and WiFi hotspot capability. A new 10-inch head-up display will also be available to project key information, such as speed and RPM, right onto the windshield in front of the driver.

Toyota has also enhanced comfort for the 2024 Tacoma. There is new power adjustable driver’s seat and a leather-trimmed option for higher grades. Rear passengers benefit from additional USB charging ports to stay connected on the go. And modern amenities like wireless smartphone charging help keep devices powered up and ready to use.

Improved Off-Road Performance

While the 2024 Toyota Tacoma delivers well as an everyday driver, it excels even more as an off-roader. The Tacoma offers great ground clearance, as well as solid approach, departure, and breakover angles that let it crawl over rocks or up steep inclines. The available electronically controlled locking rear differential provides extra traction in low grip situations.

Toyota’s Crawl Control system is also available for tackling rigorous terrain. Crawl Control allows the driver to set a slow, steady pace over rough areas, taking focus away from working the pedals and letting the Tacoma pick its way through. With a sturdy body-on-frame build and advanced grip technologies, the new Tacoma looks to continue its reputation as a highly capable off-road truck.

New Engine and Transmission Options

One of the biggest updates for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will be found under the hood. Toyota is introducing an all-new i-Force Max hybrid powertrain for the Tacoma. This will provide enhanced torque and efficiency over the current V6 engine. Toyota estimates the hybrid Tacoma will produce 437 lb-ft of torque and achieve an EPA-estimated 24 mpg combined, which would be a significant improvement.

In addition to the new hybrid engine, Toyota is also equipping the 2024 Tacoma with some new transmission options. A new 6-speed intelligent manual transmission will bring smoother, smarter shifting. There will also be a new 10-speed automatic transmission paired with the hybrid powerplant that promises quicker, more responsive performance.

With the new hybrid engine choice and advanced transmission technologies, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma looks to deliver impressive power and efficiency.

Safety and Driver Assist Upgrades

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma will come equipped with the latest in safety and driver assist features. All Tacomas will come standard with Toyota Safety Sense, which includes:

  • Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection
  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Automatic High Beams
  • Road Sign Assist

Blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert also come standard. Optional upgrades include a 360 degree camera system for better visibility all around the truck, as well as front and rear parking sonar to help avoid collisions when maneuvering in tight spaces.

New for 2024 is Toyota’s Off-Road Active Safety system. This uses sensors to detect the terrain conditions when traveling at low speeds off-road, and can adjust engine power and braking automatically to improve stability and avoid wheel slip on uneven surfaces like rocks, dirt, or gravel.

With the latest driver assistance technologies and active safety features, Toyota continues to enhance the new Tacoma’s security and awareness on- and off-road.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Revealed Interior Gallery

Toyota has provided some great interior photos of the new 2024 Tacoma, giving us a closer look at the redesigned cabin. Here are some key features you can see in the new Tacoma interior:

2024 Toyota Tacoma
2024 Toyota Tacoma

This shot shows the Tacoma’s new dashboard design, which appears more modern and upscale. The larger touchscreen really stands out, and you get a sense of the more horizontal surface design. The AC vents have a unique diamond pattern that adds some flair.

2024 Toyota Tacoma
2024 Toyota Tacoma

Here is a better look at the new 10-inch head-up display that will be available in the 2024 Tacoma. This projects key driving information like speed right onto the windshield so you can keep your eyes on the road. The multi-tiered center console design also provides more storage options.

2024 Toyota Tacoma
2024 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota is bringing more premium materials and trim options to the new Tacoma interior. This shot highlights the soft-touch surfaces and leather accents on the doors and dash. The dark woodgrain trim provides an upscale, sophisticated look.

2024 Toyota Tacoma soft-touch surfaces
2024 Toyota Tacoma soft-touch surfaces

Here is a nice view of the Tacoma’s redesigned steering wheel, which now has integrated controls for the audio system, phone, driver assist features, and multi-information display. The dual dash screens provide information and entertainment.

2024 Toyota Tacoma
2024 Toyota Tacoma

One of the big changes for rear passengers is the addition of USB charging ports throughout the cabin. No more fighting over power outlets! The rear seats also look to provide decent legroom and comfort for riders.

Overall, the interior upgrades for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma really modernize the look and feel of the truck to create a greater sense of refinement and capability. The improved aesthetics and technology offer a better daily driving experience in the new Tacoma.

2024 Toyota Tacoma Interior Tour


What is the release date for the 2024 Toyota Tacoma?

Toyota has not officially announced exact timing, but the 2024 Tacoma is expected to start production in late 2023 as a 2024 model year vehicle. It will likely go on sale in the first half of 2024.

What is the expected price range of the 2024 Tacoma?

Pricing has not been confirmed, but as a benchmark the current 2023 Tacoma ranges from around $27,000 to $45,000 depending on trim and options. Given the updates for 2024, expect a slight price increase across the board.

What MPG will the 2024 Tacoma hybrid get?

Toyota estimates the new i-Force Max hybrid Tacoma will achieve an EPA-rated 24 mpg combined fuel economy. That would make it among the most efficient trucks in its class.

What colors will be available on the 2024 Tacoma?

Toyota has not released full details on 2024 Tacoma colors yet, but expect popular hues like Super White, Magnetic Gray Metallic, and Celestial Silver Metallic to return. Some new color options are likely as well.

What is the towing capacity of the new Tacoma?

Engine and configuration will determine max tow ratings, but the Tacoma has traditionally been able to tow 6,000-6,800 lbs. Expect similar capabilities from the 2024 models, with potentially higher towing from the new hybrid powertrain.


The 2024 Toyota Tacoma has some great upgrades in store. With fresh styling, new interior comfort and tech, enhanced capability and performance, and the latest safety features, Toyota looks to retain the Tacoma’s status as a top selling midsize truck. The new hybrid engine option promises to deliver improved efficiency and torque as well.

While full specifications and pricing remain to be seen, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma will no doubt continue as a highly attractive option for truck shoppers who want power, practicality, and Toyota’s renowned reliability. The Tacoma name has built a loyal following over the years, and these strategic updates should help the next generation 2024 models draw even more interest.

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