Hyundai Exter

Hyundai Exter: A New Sub 4m SUV Launching in India, People are Exclaiming in Excitement, Saying it’s a leap forward and simply stunning

Hyundai is all set to launch its new Exter in India. This sub 4m SUV, also known as a mini SUV, is generating a lot of excitement with its advanced features and stylish design. With each passing day, new updates about the Hyundai Exter are being revealed, including its rear look. Let’s dive into the details of this upcoming SUV.

Hyundai Exter
Hyundai Exter

Hyundai Exter Features

The Hyundai Exter comes packed with a host of impressive features. The company has placed special emphasis on incorporating advanced features, ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. Some notable features of the Hyundai Exter include:

  1. Hill Assist
  2. Seatbelts and seatbelt reminder for all seats
  3. Burglar alarm
  4. ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution)
  5. Rear parking camera
  6. TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
  7. Dashcam function
  8. Auto headlights
  9. Headlight escort function
  10. And more.

Additionally, the Hyundai Exter offers various convenience features like a sunroof, dual cameras with dashcam function, touchscreen infotainment system, steering-mounted controls, rear AC vents, and automatic climate control. Hyundai vehicles are renowned for their extensive features and functionality.

Hyundai Exter Engine Options

Under the hood, the Hyundai Exter offers two engine options to cater to different preferences and requirements. The available engine options are:

  1. Petrol Engine: The Exter is equipped with a 1.2L 4-pot petrol engine, delivering a power output of 82 bhp and a torque of 114 Nm.
  2. CNG Engine: For those preferring CNG, the Exter offers a 1.2L 4-pot CNG engine, producing a power output of 65 bhp and a torque of 95 Nm.

The Hyundai Exter will be available in a total of 15 variants in the market, considering the different engine choices.

Hyundai Exter Price Range

Hyundai plans to launch the Exter in 15 different variants, each with its own price range. While the exact pricing details are yet to be announced, initial reports suggest that the starting price of the Hyundai Exter could be around 12.25 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). The price range will vary depending on the selected variant and additional features.

With its stylish design, advanced features, and multiple engine options, the Hyundai Exter aims to captivate SUV enthusiasts and offer a compelling choice in the sub 4m SUV segment. Stay tuned for more updates and information on the Hyundai Exter as its launch date approaches.

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