Nissan Z

2023 Nissan Z Price in India, Colours, Mileage, Specs and More

The Nissan Z is a series of sports cars that have been in production since 1969. The current model, known as the Nissan 400Z or Nissan Z Proto, was unveiled in 2020 and is expected to hit the market in late 2022.

Nissan Z Price

The Nissan Z has started price Rs.54.50 lakh and onwards but this model is not available in India.

Nissan Z Colour

The Nissan Z is available in several colours, including black, white, red, blue, and yellow.

Nissan Z
Nissan Z

Nissan Z Variants

The Nissan Z is available in two variants: the base model and the Nismo model.

Nissan Z Mileage

The mileage of the Nissan Z varies depending on the model and driving conditions. The base model is expected to have a combined fuel economy of around 20-22 mpg, while the Nismo model is expected to have a slightly lower fuel economy.

Nissan Z Top Speed

The top speed of the Nissan Z is expected to be around 155-160 mph.

Nissan Z Specifications

ModelEngineHorsepowerTorqueTransmission0-60 mphCurb weight
Base3.0L V6400 hp350 lb-ft6-speed manual or 9-speed automatic4.0 sec3,400 lbs
Nismo3.0L V6450 hp400 lb-ft6-speed manual or 9-speed automatic3.5 sec3,550 lbs

Nissan Z Features

8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment systemApple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility
Automatic climate controlDual-zone climate control with air filtration
LED headlights and taillightsHigh-performance LED lighting system
Advanced safety featuresLane departure warning, forward collision warning, and more
Leather seatsHeated and ventilated seats with power adjustment

Nissan Z Competitors

The Nissan Z will compete with other sports cars in the market, including the Toyota Supra, the Ford Mustang, and the Chevrolet Camaro.

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Nissan Z FAQ

When will the Nissan Z be available for purchase?

The Nissan Z is expected to be available for purchase in late 2022.

How much will the Nissan Z cost?

The pricing for the Nissan Z has not yet been announced.

What is the horsepower of the Nissan Z?

The base model has a horsepower of 400 hp, while the Nismo model has a horsepower of 450 hp.

Does the Nissan Z have automatic transmission?

Yes, the Nissan Z is available with a 9-speed automatic transmission.

What is the top speed of the Nissan Z?

The top speed of the Nissan Z is expected to be around 155-160 mph.

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