2023 MG RC 6 Price in India, Launch Date, Colours, Specifications, and More

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MG RC 6 Launch Date

According to recent reports, MG is planning to launch the MG RC-6 in India in the summer of 2023. This model is expected to compete with other popular models in its class, such as the Kia Carnes, MG Hector, and Tata Nexon EV Prime. The MG RC-6 is anticipated to be priced starting around 18.00 Lakh, offering customers a competitive price point.

In other news, the sixth edition of the popular multi-genre motor racing simulation game, MG RC, has been released on November 1st. Fans of the game can find detailed requirements and make reservations on the official website. Additionally, the latest updates and reports can be accessed there.

For those eagerly waiting for the launch of the MG RC-6, the official release date has been announced as November 1st. Be sure to mark your calendars and join in on the fun!


MG RC 6 Price in India 2023

The MG RC-6 is set to make its debut in India in the summer of 2023, with an estimated starting price of around 18.00 Lakh. This sports automobile is expected to compete with the likes of other popular models such as the Kia Carnes, MG Hector, and Tata Nexon EV Prime in terms of performance.

If you’re looking for a sophisticated and stylish ride, the MG RC-6 is definitely worth considering. It’s a perfect option for the discerning motorist who appreciates a powerful and sleek vehicle. Whether you’re planning a day on the open road or a visit to the racetrack, the MG RC-6 promises to be an exciting and exhilarating ride.

If you’re curious about the price of the MG RC-6, our in-depth automobile reviews can provide you with detailed information about the latest car models. Whether you’re already in the market for a new car or simply exploring your options, our reviews will provide you with everything you need to know, including specifications and pricing details.

In conclusion, the MG RC-6 is an exciting addition to the Indian automobile market, promising to deliver a unique combination of style, sophistication, and power. Keep an eye out for its release in the summer of 2023!


MG RC-6 is available in 1 different Colours –

  • Red

MG RC 6 Features

  1. Stylish and Aerodynamic Design: The MG RC-6 is likely to feature a sleek and sporty exterior design with aerodynamic enhancements for improved performance.
  2. Powerful Engine Options: Expect the MG RC-6 to offer a range of powerful engine options, providing impressive acceleration and top speeds. These engines may be available in both petrol and diesel variants.
  3. Advanced Safety Systems: The MG RC-6 is likely to come equipped with various safety features, such as multiple airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), and traction control, to ensure a safe driving experience.
  4. Technology and Connectivity: The MG RC-6 may offer advanced infotainment systems with touchscreen displays, smartphone integration (e.g., Apple CarPlay, Android Auto), Bluetooth connectivity, and a premium sound system. Additional features like navigation, voice control, and wireless charging could also be available.
  5. Comfortable Interior: Expect the MG RC-6 to provide a comfortable and luxurious cabin with premium materials, supportive seating, and ample space for both the driver and passengers.
  6. Performance-oriented Suspension and Handling: The MG RC-6 might feature a sport-tuned suspension system for enhanced handling and agility, ensuring an engaging driving experience.
  7. Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS): The MG RC-6 may come equipped with various ADAS features like adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, blind-spot monitoring, parking assist, and a rearview camera, to assist the driver and enhance overall safety.

MG RC 6 Specifications

The MG RC 6 is an excellent vehicle that meets a wide variety of criteria. It boasts a powerful engine, incredible handling, and a distinctive design language. It has a panoramic sunroof, a roomy and supportive interior, and a cutting-edge media system. If you’re looking for a high-end, fuel-efficient vehicle, go no further than an MG. The MG is 4,925 millimetres long, 1,880 millimetres wide, and 1,580 millimetres high. Its wheelbase measured around 2 800 mm. The 198 mm of ground clearance gives the sedan an SUV appearance.

Fuel TypeDiesel
Engine Displacement (cc)1498
No. of cylinder4
Seating Capacity5
Transmission TypeManual
Body TypeSedan

Engine and Transmission

Displacement (cc)1498
No. of cylinder4
Valves Per Cylinder4
Mild Hybrid
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Fuel & Performance

Fuel TypeDiesel
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Dimensions & Capacity

Seating Capacity5

MG RC 6 rivals

ModelPrice RangeEngine OptionsKey Features
MG RC-6Around 18.00 LakhPetrol and DieselStylish and aerodynamic design, powerful engine options, advanced safety systems, technology and connectivity, comfortable interior, performance-oriented suspension and handling, advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)
Kia Carnes9.99 – 17.69 LakhPetrol, Diesel, and Turbo-petrolSleek and modern design, spacious cabin, multiple engine options, advanced infotainment system, ADAS, ventilated seats
MG Hector12.90 – 19.20 LakhPetrol, Diesel, and HybridAttractive design, spacious cabin, advanced infotainment system, panoramic sunroof, ADAS, 360-degree camera
Tata Nexon EV Prime14.54 – 16.54 LakhElectricEco-friendly, silent operation, advanced infotainment system, ADAS, connected car technology, comfortable interior, regenerative braking
Toyota Fortuner31.74 – 37.80 LakhPetrol and DieselRugged and muscular design, powerful engine options, advanced off-road capabilities, premium features, spacious and comfortable cabin


In conclusion, the MG RC-6 is an upcoming sports automobile that is set to make its debut in India in the summer of 2023. With its stylish and aerodynamic design, powerful engine options, advanced safety systems, technology and connectivity, comfortable interior, and performance-oriented suspension and handling, the MG RC-6 is expected to compete with some of the top vehicles in its class, including the Kia Carnes, MG Hector, Tata Nexon EV Prime, and Toyota Fortuner.

Potential customers looking for a stylish, high-performance, and well-equipped sports automobile should consider the MG RC-6. The car’s advanced features, including ADAS, advanced infotainment system, and connected car technology, make it a smart and practical choice for modern drivers. Furthermore, with prices starting around 18.00 Lakh, the MG RC-6 is expected to offer great value for its price, making it a strong contender in the Indian automotive market.

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FAQ’S About New MG RC 6

What is the cost of MG?

The MG is perfect for anyone looking for a stylish and comfortable car. also This convertible has been designed to provide a delightful driving experience it’s price estimated Rs 18.00.

What will be the engine displacement and mileage of MG Motor?

The engine displacement of the MG Hector is 1998cc. This makes it have the highest fuel efficiency in its line-up. The MG Hector also has the fuel efficiency of 15.81kmpl, which is the highest of all its models.

Does the MG have a sunroof?

The MG has a lot of features, such as a sunroof, two screens for the infotainment unit, and the instrument cluster. The MG also has a steering wheel that is flat-bottomed and leatherette touchpoints. It also has contrast stitching on the seat fabric.

What is the launch date of MG?

The launch date of MG has been estimated to be on July 2023.

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