Tata Harrier Ground Clearance

2023 Tata Harrier Ground Clearance, Tyre Size, and Dimensions

The Tata Harrier ground clearance is 205mm with no occupants on board.

The Tata Harrier, a mid-size sport utility vehicle, is fully equipped with all the features that buyers may want. Buyers were quite interested in the debut of the automobile. In the time since its debut at the Auto Expo, the concept’s innovative design has won widespread acclaim. The high volume of preorders for the Tata Harrier after its 2019 debut attests to the vehicle’s widespread appeal. The Tata Harrier is a highly competent automobile that boasts substantial ground clearance in addition to its three terrain modes. The daily use of this Desi SUV for off-roading will therefore be no problem at all.

What is Tata Harrier Ground Clearance?

Even when empty, the Harrier has a 205mm ground clearance. The section or above segment highest ground clearance. While the Harrier has a ground clearance of 205 millimetres, the Mahindra XUV700 only has 200 millimetres.

Here is the ground clearance of Harrier in other units like centimeters, millimeters, and inches:

Tata Harrie Ground Clearance Metric Units
Millimeters 205mm
Centimeters 20.5cm
Inches 8.07in

Tata Harrier Dimensions

The Harrier is a large and cumbersome SUV, measuring in at 4,598 millimetres in length, 1,894 millimetres in width, and 1,706 millimetres in height. Furthermore, the wheelbase length is 2,741mm. With these measurements, the harrier transforms into a sizable SUV, and its presence on the road is undeniable.

Tata Harrier Dimensions
Length 4,598mm
Width 1,894mm
Height 1,706mm
Wheelbase 2,741mm
Fuel Tank Capacity 50 L

What is the Length of Tata Harrier?

The length of Tata Harrier Dark Edition is 4,598mm, other metric units such as millimeters, centimeters, feet, and inches are mentioned below:

Tata Harrier Length Metric Unit
Millimeters 4598mm
Centimeters 459.8cm
Meters 4.6m
Inches 181.02in
Feet 15.09ft

What is the Width of Tata Harrier?

The width of Tata Harrier Dark Edition is 1,894mm, other metric units such as millimeters, centimeters, feet, and inches are mentioned below:

Tata Harrier Width Metric Unit
Millimeters 1894mm
Centimeters 189.4cm
Meters 1.89m
Inches 74.57in
Feet 6.21ft

What is the Height of Tata Harrier?

The width of Tata Harrier Dark Edition is 1,706mm, other metric units such as millimeters, centimeters, feet, and inches are mentioned below:

Tata Harrier Height Metric Unit
Millimeters 1706mm
Centimeters 170.6cm
Meters 1.71m
Inches 67.17in
Feet 5.6ft

What is the Wheelbase of Tata Harrier?

Tata Harrier Wheelbase Metric Units
Millimeters 2741mm
Centimeters 274.1cm
Meters 2.74m
Inches 107.91in
Feet 8.99ft

What is Tata Harrier Tyre Size?

Tata Harrier tyre size is 235/70 R16 steel rims for the base variants and 235/65 R17 alloy wheels for the top variants. The spare wheel is a 16-inch steel rim with the same tyre section size.

Tata Harrier Tyre Size Size
Wheels 235/70 R16 and 235/65 R17
Spare Tyre 235/70R 16

What is the Fuel Tank Capacity of Tata Harrier?

The Tata Harrier has a fuel tank capacity of 50L and the low fuel icon starts blinking when only 5-liter fuel is left in the tank.

What is the Mileage of Tata Harrier?

The Tata Harrier mileage is 16.35 kmpl for the manual transmission and 14.6 kmpl for the automatic transmission paired engine.

Tata Harrier Engine options

The Harrier is propelled by either a 6-speed manual or an automatic transmission paired with a Kryotec 2.0L, inline 4-cylinder, Turbocharged Diesel engine. The motor produces a maximum of 170 PS at 3750 rpm and 350 Nm between 1750 and 2500 rpm in terms of power and torque, respectively. The addition of a turbocharger under the hood transforms the vehicle into a veritable rocket at 1,750 rpm, with sustained acceleration all the way to 4,500 rpm. The turbo lag is noticeable in the lower rpm range, but it is well controlled and never becomes an issue for the driver.

How safe the Tata Harrier is?

The Tata Harrier Black Edition rides on Land Rover’s formidable D8 OMEGARC platform. Although no crash tests have been conducted on the Harrier, its level of safety has been demonstrated in actual collisions. The vast majority of auto accident victims reported just mild or no injuries. This showed that Harrier, along with the Tata Nexon and Tata Altroz, has excellent safety ratings (the 5-star safety-rated cars).

Is Tata Harrier a luxury car?

Because it is shorter than 5 metres in length, the harrier is classified as a mid-size sport utility vehicle. The high quality and extensive list of standard equipment make this vehicle superior to others, but not particularly plush. There is a panoramic sunroof, an 8.8-inch touchscreen display, different driving modes, cruise control, ventilated seats, and keyless entry and ignition in the Harrier. The Tata Harrier is a high-end SUV, so naturally it has the kinds of amenities found in other luxury vehicles.

Is Tata Harrier a flop car?

The planned Tata Blackbird will be placed above the more well-known Tata Harrier. Harrier’s dark edition generates a lot of buzz amongst youthful purchasers due to its striking appearance. The sales have been booming, and the SUV is now one of the best-selling models in India. There are almost twenty different Harrier models available, starting with the XE and going all the way up to the XZAS Dual-Tone.

Is Tata Harrier electric?

In fact, the only available powertrain for the Tata Harrier is a 2.0L, Kryotec turbocharged Engine derived from Fial and mated to either a 6-speed manual or an automatic transmission. The engine can produce 170 hp at 3750 rpm and 350 nm of torque between 1750 and 2500 rpm.

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