New Maruti Ertiga MPV: Accessories list revealed

For example, if you want to know the cost of the Maruti Ertiga’s front bumper, you can use this website to get a complete list of genuine Maruti Ertiga spare parts and accessories in India.

ertiga accessories
ertiga accessories


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Ertiga Spare Parts Price List

Front Bumper 1740
Rear Bumper 2816
Bonnet/Hood 6000
Front Windshield Glass 5247
Head Light (Left or Right ) 3328
Tail Light (Left or Right) 2469
Front Door (Left or Right) 8690
Dicky 12514

Engine Parts

Radiator 5,644
Timing Chain 630
Spark Plug 779
Fan Belt 239
Clutch Plate 3,340

Electric Parts

Head Light (Left or Right ) 3,328
Tail Light (Left or Right) 2,469

Body Parts

Front Bumper 1,740
Rear Bumper 2,816
Bonnet/Hood 6,000
Front Windshield Glass 5,247
Rear Windshield Glass 2,442
Fender (Left or Right) 1,973
Head Light (Left or Right ) 3,328
Tail Light (Left or Right) 2,469
Front Door (Left or Right) 8,690
Dicky 12,514

Brakes & Suspension

Disc Brake Front 1,795
Disc Brake Rear 1,795
Front Brake Pads 3,240
Rear Brake Pads 3,240

Interior Parts

Bonnet/Hood 6,000

Service Parts

Air Filter 300
Fuel Filter 475

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