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Swift Accessories (Updated)

The new Swift was ultimately unveiled at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show. When it comes to the latest Swift, Maruti has added a Z+ model that goes above the previous model’s top-end Z version. The Z+ model includes additional features, such as a touchscreen infotainment system, a Reverse Parking Camera, Navigation, DRL Projector Headlamps with the “follow me home” function, and 15-inch alloy wheels, finished in dual-tone.

Now that Swift has been expanded to include four models, the petrol and diesel versions have been given the suffixes “Xi” and “Di” respectively, making the total number of models available to four.

The Swift has a starting price of Rs 4.99 lakh and a top price of Rs 8.29 lakh (all prices ex-showroom, Delhi). The Swift will be available with a five-speed AMT for the first time in India (AMT). VXi/VDi and ZXi/ZDi versions will have the AMT option. This third-generation Swift continues to use the same 1.2-Litre petrol engine and Fiat-sourced multi-jet diesel engine, both of which have been used in the previous two generations.

A list of accessories for the Swift has been developed by us as Maruti begins to supply the vehicle to dealerships.

Sr.Accessories NameVariantsPrice (in Rupees)
1Body CoverL, V, Z, Z+1290
2Door VisorL, V, Z, Z+990
3LED Door Step GuardL, V, Z, Z+3590
4Graphics (Roof Wrap + Hood)L, V, Z, Z+10,000
5Fog LampL, V, (Standard on Z and Z+)3490
6MATL, V, Z, Z+1790
7Boot MatL, V, Z, Z+400
8Bumper Corner ProtectorL, V, Z, Z+1090
9Front Grille GarnishL, V, Z, Z+1690
10C-pillar Chrome GarnishL, V, Z, Z+490
11Front Bumper garnishL, V, Z, Z+890
12Rear Bumper GarnishL, V, Z, Z+1390
13Back Door garnishL, V, Z, Z+790
14Fog Lamp GarnishL, V, Z, Z+790
15Tail-lamp GarnishL, V, Z, Z+1090
16Window Frame kitL, V, Z, Z+1590
17Front Power WindowL (Standard on V, Z, and Z+)6990
18Seat CoverL, V, Z, Z+6490
19Remote LockingL (Standard on V, Z, and Z+)4000
20SpoilerL, V, Z, Z+3490
21FlockingL, V, Z, Z+5000
22Styling KitL, V, Z, Z+16,560
23Interior Styling KitL, V, Z, Z+4690
24Woofer AmplifierL, V, Z, Z+18,000
25Touchscreen MultimediaL, V,Z (Standard on Z+)26,990
26Reverse Parking SensorsL, V (Standard on Z and Z+)4000
27Reverse parking cameraL, V,Z (Standard on Z+)5000
28Navigation SystemL, V, Z, (Standard on Z+)13,000
29Air InflatorL, V, Z, Z+2100
30Vacuum CleanerL, V, Z, Z+990
31Air PurifierL, V, Z, Z+4500
32Car Care KitL, V, Z, Z+1599
33Car DusterL, V, Z, Z+350
34Mobile ChargerL, V, Z, Z+690
35CushionL, V, Z, Z+1700
36Steering CoverL, V, Z, Z+790
37God IdolL, V, Z, Z+290
38BluetoothL, (Standard on V,Z andZ+)2590

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