Hyundai Creta Ground Clearance (2015-2020)

Hyundai Creta Ground Clearance

Hyundai Creta Ground Clearance (2017-2020)


Hyundai Creta (2017-2018) Ground Clearance in mm

198 mm

Hyundai Creta (2017-2018) Ground Clearance in inches

7.48 inches

Hyundai Creta (2017-2018) Ground Clearance in cm

19.00 cm

Hyundai Creta (2017-2018) Ground Clearance in Feet

0.62 feet

Hyundai Creta Ground Clearance is decent. Hyundai Creta is a very popular SUV segment. In India, it went on sale on July 21, 2015, with an estimated price of Rs. 10.0 lakh. Creta gives a very good average. 

Seats are very comfortable with good boot space. This car is very comfortable to drive with a good music system. It is a highly successful car in the Indian SUV space. 

Ground clearance is one of the vital dimensions of a car. It is explained as the maximum height of the lowest end of the vehicle from the ground. 

Getting a car with decent ground clearance is important as it prevents getting scratches on the vehicle’s lower part on bumpy roads.

Hyundai Creta has been designed brilliantly inside and outside. The beautifully-designed exteriors highly complement the thoughtfully-designed interiors. 

Being a compact SUV, the Hyundai Creta comes with a decent ground clearance of 198 mm, which is acceptable for Indian road conditions. There are many other cars in the competition that have slightly higher ground clearance.

Compare the ground clearance of the Hyundai Creta with its immediate competitors. The Ground clearance of Hyundai Creta gives cut-throat competition to Ford EcoSport, Tata Nexon, Renault Duster, Nissan Kicks, Nissan Terrano, and Maruti Suzuki S-Cross. 

Any ground clearance more than 170mm is considered to be decent, whereas, in case the ground clearance of a car is below 160mm, it’s not good for Indian roads. 

Ground clearance less than of 160mm would be fine. if the intended driving terrain doesn’t have any bumps. 

Keeping in mind the conditions of roads which you do you have in your locality and at your expected visits, then zero down your purchase.


Cars mm cm inches feet
Hyundai Creta 198 19 7.48 0.62
Mahindra XUV300 180 18 7.09 0.59
Tata Nexon 209 20.9 8.23 0.69
Mahindra Bolero 180 18 7.09 0.59

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