There are still plenty of happy Toyota Fortuner owners out there who are driving around in their first-generation vehicles. The only drawback is that the SUV’s exterior and inside would look dated. In this situation, the SUV can be updated with a variety of new features. Here’s a video of one such vehicle, a Toyota Fortuner (type 1) that’s been expertly transformed into a Legender.

The grey Fortuner 1 did not look bad at all. The team began working on the dents when the automobile was completely disassembled as part of the modification. After the paint was removed, a dent puller machine was used to repair the car’s minor dents.

a light coat of putty was placed to the vehicle and the excess was smoothed off. After that was finished, the crew got to work getting the automobile ready to be painted. All the original paint was stripped off the panels, and then they were cleaned to get rid of the dust.