Mahindra BE 09: Approximately Rs. 45 Million The brand new Mahindra Be 09 will soon be introduced in India. The car has been under development for a long time and is expected to be well-received by its target market.

Seats nine in the Mahindra BE 09 SUV. The debut of the Mahindra BE 09 in India is scheduled for December of 2024. Competitors to the MU-X, Tucson, and Meridian will include the Mahindra BE 09. Approximately 45 Lakh will be the starting pricing.

The INGLO platform will be utilised to construct SUVs between 4,368 and 4,735 millimetres in length; the XUV700 measures 4,695 millimetres. The platform’s wheelbase can be altered from 2,762mm to 2,775mm, a relatively little amount of adjustment. Contrarily, the front and rear overhangs will have bandwidths of 87 and 293mm.

Mahindra claims that the rear-wheel drive variants will generate between 231 and 286 horsepower, and that the all-wheel drive vehicles will generate between 340 and 394 horsepower. Mahindra states that their vehicles can accelerate from 0 to 100 kph in 5-6 seconds.