According to Peter Horbury, Lotus’s senior vice president of design, the look will be consistent with future Lotus models. He highlighted, though, that the design would stand on its own merits, even if it did share some DNA with the family. Type 133 is more than just an Eletre sedan.

The Eletre’s foundational Electric Premium Architecture (EPA) would serve as the basis for the Lotus Type 133 car. Brand director of characteristics and product integrity Gavan Kershaw stated that the EPA was based on the Eletre as a baseline and would serve as a foundation for future models.

Lotus is owned by Geely, yet it isn’t participating in any of Geely’s marketing initiatives. Matt Windle, CEO of Lotus, recently told CAR magazine that the company’s platform design demonstrates “purpose.” The story goes on to suggest that the electric sedan’s engine may produce up to 872 horsepower from its dual electric motors.

The next Lotus vehicle is “nearly ready” according to Lotus Tech Creative Centre Head Ben Payne, who announced the March 29, 2022 world premiere of the Lotus Eletre. He also said that the premiere would happen “in roughly 12 months,” which would be the summer of 2023.