Can A Dash Cam Effects Dab Radio

Can A Dash Cam Effects Dab Radio?

Have you ever pondered, “Can a dash cam impact DAB radio?” In our tech-centric world, where we often rely on multiple gadgets simultaneously, especially in our vehicles, dash cams and DAB radios play crucial roles.

However, the seamless operation of these devices together is not always guaranteed. Occasionally, the operation of dash cams can have an impact on the reception of your DAB radio.

While it’s not a universal issue, dash cams might interfere with DAB radio reception in some cars. It’s not a problem without a solution, but there are steps you can take to minimize or completely eliminate the interference.

Can a Dash Cam Affect DAB Radio?

Indeed, a dash cam can occasionally cause interference with DAB radio reception.

This interference typically arises from the electromagnetic fields generated by the dash cam and its power supply.

These fields may disrupt the frequencies your DAB radio is attempting to receive, resulting in reception problems. However, it’s not a cause for extreme concern – there are ways to address it.

You can minimize this interference using various methods, such as re-routing the power cable, opting for a shielded power cable, using noise suppressors, or choosing a different dash cam model known for minimal interference.

Furthermore, if your DAB radio allows adjustments to sensitivity settings, tweaking these may potentially help limit the interference effect.

Can A Dash Cam Effects Dab Radio
Can A Dash Cam Effects Dab Radio

Dash Cams and DAB Radios

In the contemporary automotive landscape, dash cams and DAB radios have become indispensable elements, contributing not only to entertainment and convenience but also playing a pivotal role in ensuring safety and recording crucial information on the road.

A dash cam, a condensed term for a dashboard camera, captures real-time views from your vehicle’s front and sometimes rear windshield. This digital tool serves as invaluable evidence in the aftermath of accidents or other roadway incidents.

Concurrently, a DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio elevates the audio experience by delivering crystal clear sound, offering a notable upgrade from the traditional FM/AM radio setup.

However, with these technologies coexisting within the confined space of your vehicle, it becomes crucial to ascertain whether one could potentially interfere with the functionality of the other.

DAB Radio Interference

Interference in electronic devices, including a DAB radio, typically arises when another nearby device emits an electromagnetic wave, disrupting the proper signal reception of the affected device.

It’s akin to a loud conversation happening nearby, making it challenging to hear a softer, more distant voice.

Potential sources of interference with a DAB radio can vary widely, encompassing devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic equipment like dash cams.

While not a common occurrence, there’s a possibility for a dash cam to cause some form of interference due to its close proximity to the DAB radio.

Does a Dashcam Interfere with DAB Radio Reception?

Indeed, from time to time, dashcams can disrupt DAB radio reception. However, it’s imperative to recognize that these instances are not universally applicable to all dash cam models or car types.

The issue primarily arises due to the unintended emission of frequencies from the dash cam, conflicting with the frequencies the DAB radio aims to receive.

The challenge lies in the absence of a one-size-fits-all solution to this problem. Much depends on the specific causes of interference, which can vary based on dash cam models, DAB radios, or even car designs.

Nevertheless, there are methods to minimize this interference, and we’ll explore them in detail in the following sections.

Understanding the nuances of this interference phenomenon is crucial. The type of dash cam, its location, its power supply, and the nature of the DAB radio in the car can all influence the extent of the interference.

Thus, the problem isn’t uniformly encountered across all cars or dash cams but occurs under specific conditions.

The Technicality Behind Dash Cam’s Interference with DAB Radio

The crux of the interference problem lies in the operating frequencies.

While a dash cam doesn’t intentionally transmit frequencies like a radio device, it might unintentionally emit certain frequencies due to its power supply system or internal circuitry.

When these frequencies fall within the DAB radio’s reception range, they can cause interference. Specific components of the dash cam might contribute to this unintended emission.

For instance, a poorly shielded power supply cable can act as a miniature antenna, radiating frequencies that can interfere with the DAB radio.

How to Mitigate Dash Cam Interference with the DAB Radio

If you’ve experienced unsettling DAB radio interference caused by your dash cam, rest assured there are several practical strategies you can implement to address this issue. Let’s explore these solutions in detail:

1. Re-route the Power Cable: Start with a simple yet effective solution by repositioning the dash cam’s power cable. Running the cable along an alternative route, especially away from the DAB radio, can reduce its proximity to the radio, thereby decreasing interference. For example, if your DAB radio is in the central console and the dash cam is near the rear-view mirror, consider routing the power cable along the passenger side instead of the driver’s side.

2. Use a Shielded Power Cable: Invest in shielded power cables, albeit pricier, as they come with layers of insulation providing enhanced protection against electromagnetic interference. These cables minimize noise leakage into the environment, resulting in improved DAB radio reception. Ensure the shielding is of high quality and adequately covers the entire cable length for optimal results.

3. Employ Noise Suppressors: Consider noise suppressors or filters as another effective tool against interference. These devices isolate and reduce unintended frequencies from the power supply that cause interference, significantly improving DAB radio reception.

In addition to these solutions, consider the following:

Choose a Different Dash Cam Model: Not all dash cams are created equal. Some models may be known for low interference. Conduct research before purchasing or consider switching to a low-interference model to potentially resolve the issue.

Adjust DAB Radio Sensitivity: If your DAB radio allows adjustable sensitivity settings, reducing sensitivity can limit the reception of weaker signals, which are typically more prone to interference.

Preventive Measures Against Dash Cam-DAB Radio Interference

Preventing interference in the first place is more effective than dealing with it afterward. Here are some proactive measures you can take:

  1. Choose the Right Dash Cam: When selecting a dash cam, research and consider models known for minimal interference. While it might require some extra effort initially, it can save you from future headaches.
  2. Opt for a Shielded Power Cable: As mentioned earlier, shielded power cables provide a more effective defense against interference. Therefore, choosing a dash cam with a well-shielded power cable from the beginning can prove beneficial.
  3. Consider DAB Radio Setup: For your DAB radio setup, if there’s an option to use an external antenna, go for it. An external antenna, especially when placed at a good distance from the dash cam, can significantly reduce potential interference.

By taking these preventive measures, you can ensure a smoother and more enjoyable on-road experience with your DAB radio and dash cam operating harmoniously.


Navigating the modern world with its multitude of tech devices can sometimes feel like a balancing act, especially when these devices interact unexpectedly, like the potential for a dash cam to affect your DAB radio.

But with the right understanding and preventative measures, you can ensure the harmonious operation of both your dash cam and DAB radio.

Remember, while the interference issue can occur, it’s neither universal nor unsolvable.

By following the steps outlined in this article, you can mitigate and prevent potential interference, ensuring your on-road experience remains both secure and enjoyable.

The right combination of awareness, proactive choices, and reactive measures can keep your car’s tech ecosystem running smoothly, free of unwanted radio interference.


What causes a dash cam to interfere with DAB radio reception?

The interference from a dash cam to DAB radio reception is often caused by electromagnetic fields generated by the dash cam and its power supply. These can disrupt the frequencies the DAB radio is trying to receive.

Can all dash cams cause interference with DAB radios?

Not all dash cams cause interference. The likelihood of interference varies depending on the specific dash cam model and its power supply. Some models are better shielded against causing electromagnetic interference.

How can I mitigate the interference caused by a dash cam on my DAB radio?

There are several ways to reduce dash cam interference, including re-routing the power cable, using a shielded power cable, employing noise suppressors, or choosing a dash cam model known for low interference.

What preventive measures can I take to avoid dash cam-DAB radio interference?

Preventive measures include choosing a dash cam with minimal interference history, using a shielded power cable from the start, and considering an external antenna for your DAB radio if possible.

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