BYD Sets World Record for Largest Test Drive

BYD Sets World Record for Largest Test Drive, Atto 3 Orders Skyrocket

A month after BYD, the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer, unveiled its “world-first” Megastore in Sydney, the company has organized what it now calls the “world’s biggest test drive” event in Australia.

The event, which took place across several Australian cities last weekend, drew over 1,400 test drives of the popular BYD Atto 3, currently the third best-selling EV in Australia, trailing behind the Tesla Model Y and Model 3.

The primary objective of the event was to promote electric vehicles by allowing hundreds of people to experience driving an EV and discover the advantages firsthand. According to organizers, it also resulted in more than 200 vehicle orders.

Mark Harland, COO of BYD’s Australian agent, EV Direct, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We viewed it as a huge success! Approximately 1,400 test drives last Saturday, and many more this week for the people who couldn’t make it… we took 200 orders on the day and continue to generate more with the follow-ups this week.”

EV Direct, BYD’s local distributor, shared a video showcasing highlights from the event, which occurred on a Saturday.

Over 10,000 BYD Atto 3 vehicles have already been delivered to Australian customers. It is one of the most affordable all-electric cars in the market, particularly in the highly popular SUV segment. Soon, it will be joined by the BYD Dolphin, which will offer a variant priced under $40,000, as well as the BYD Seal.

Victoria has already experienced a decline in BYD Atto 3 sales
Victoria has already experienced a decline in BYD Atto 3 sales

The Atto 3 is eligible for subsidies in many parts of Australia, ranging from $6,000 in Queensland to no subsidies in states like Victoria, where EV incentives have been removed. Victoria has already experienced a decline in BYD Atto 3 sales since the removal of subsidies, with June registering more Atto 3 vehicles on Victorian roads than July and August combined. This data underscores the positive impact of subsidies in facilitating access to cleaner EV technologies.

As NSW also plans to phase out EV subsidies in the coming months, events like BYD’s “world’s biggest test drive” are crucial for showcasing the true benefits of EV technology. Additionally, the presence of more stores like the recently opened Megastore will further encourage drivers to make the switch to cleaner EVs.

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