Renault Kardian

Renault Kardian SUV Teased, to Debut on October 25

Renault has offered a sneak peek into the global stage with the unveiling of their upcoming SUV, the Kardian. On October 25, in Rio de Janeiro, the curtains will rise on Renault’s newest model, accompanied by a discourse on their fresh global market strategy. While the name of the future car, the Kardian, has been officially confirmed, intricate specifics remain a mystery. However, the Latin American market will have the privilege of welcoming this car before it embarks on its journey to other corners of the world.

A tantalizing teaser hints at the Kardian’s essence, showcasing an exquisite fusion of orange and black hues in its distinct paintwork. The SUV boasts an elegantly contoured body, accentuated by petite taillights and an artfully angled rear window. A noteworthy liftgate proudly displays distinctive badging, adding to its unique character.

Let’s delve deeper into the anticipatory details surrounding this forthcoming SUV, poised to make its mark on the global automotive stage.

Renault Kardian: Story Behind the Name

Unveiling the moniker of the new model, Renault proudly presents the Renault Kardian, an English word brimming with significance. The name resonates with the strength and safeguarding essence encapsulated by the formidable consonants “K,” “R,” and “D.” Yet, it casts another potent image. As revealed by Sylvia, Model Name Strategy Manager at Renault Global Marketing Department, “The allure of the Renault Kardian lies in its ability to evoke agility. It conjures thoughts of cardio sports – sport, momentum, and adrenaline.”

Sylvia went on to elaborate, “The all-new Renault Kardian stands as the freshest addition to our model range, embodying the Renaulution on a global platform. We pronounce the letter combination in French, honoring Renault’s French heritage—it’s akin to the ‘French Touch.’ This vehicle encompasses our revolutionary approach, embodying technology, safety, spaciousness, driving pleasure, and agility.”

The eagerly awaited Renault Kardian is poised to elevate Renault’s presence on the international stage. Following its grand debut in the Latin American market, the SUV is set to grace sales floors in numerous countries across the globe. While the specifics of the powertrain remain a mystery for now, a more comprehensive unveiling is anticipated as the global launch approaches.

Renault Kiger, Triber and Kwid Get Discounts in August

During the month of August 2023, Renault India is presenting enticing offers across its product range. These alluring deals encompass cash discounts, exchange bonuses, corporate benefits, and loyalty incentives, collectively providing potential buyers the opportunity to pocket savings of up to Rs 65,000 on their Renault vehicle purchase. Leading the charge in the manufacturer’s lineup, the Kiger commands the highest discount potential, with a cumulative savings of up to Rs 65,000. This package includes an exchange bonus of Rs 20,000, a loyalty incentive of up to Rs 20,000, in addition to cash benefits amounting to Rs 25,000 on RXT and RXT choice turbo variants, along with a Rs 10,000 discount on RXZ variants.

For the month of August, Renault extends discounts on the Triber, totaling up to Rs 40,000. These savings encompass exchange incentives reaching up to Rs 20,000, loyalty bonus discounts amounting to Rs 10,000, and cash benefits of Rs 10,000.

Furthermore, potential buyers considering the Kwid can seize advantageous offers, including a cash discount of up to Rs 15,000, exchange bonuses of up to Rs 20,000, and a loyalty bonus of up to Rs 10,000, culminating in a comprehensive benefit of Rs 45,000.

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