Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition

Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition Arrives at Dealership: A Closer Look

Expanding its horizons, Hyundai introduces the captivating Creta Adventure Edition, available in two distinctive variants: the 1.5L Petrol MT (SX Trim) and the 1.5L Petrol IVT (SX(O) Trim). Hyundai’s relentless pursuit of innovation is once again on display as the striking Creta Adventure Edition debuts in the Indian market. As this robust gem begins its journey into dealership showrooms nationwide, join us for an in-depth exploration of its remarkable exterior and interior attributes. Our gratitude to Pilot on Wheels for sharing the enlightening video.

Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition
Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition

Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition – Walkaround

Engineered with adventure enthusiasts in mind, the Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition is meticulously tailored for those who crave exploration and seek novel experiences. This SUV not only boasts an intriguing rugged exterior design, but also comes replete with adventure-centric gadgets and features that pledge to enhance your journeys to unparalleled heights. Garnering attention with its distinct road presence, the Creta Adventure Edition emerges as an unequivocal embodiment of wanderlust.

Undoubtedly a highlight, the new Ranger Khaki color of the Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition is an exquisite feature. This earthy hue encapsulates the very essence of adventure and seamlessly harmonizes with the SUV’s robust persona. Emanating an inspiring allure, this color serves as a catalyst for embarking on exhilarating escapades, whether navigating urban landscapes or conquering off-road terrains.

Mountain-Inspired Interiors

Upon stepping inside, you’ll be embraced by an all-black interior adorned with subtle Sage Green inserts, imparting a touch of sophistication while echoing the imagery of majestic mountains, thus accentuating the adventure motif. Completing the immersive experience, the exclusive Adventure Edition seats envelop you, evoking the sensation of a stylish mountainous excursion.

However, the Creta Adventure Edition isn’t merely a visual spectacle; it’s equipped with 21 distinctive features tailored to harmonize with your daring lifestyle. These encompass a Dashcam with Dual Camera to capture your cherished journeys, resilient door cladding to safeguard your vehicle amidst arduous terrains, and 3D designer adventure mats that seamlessly blend utility with aesthetics. Proudly gracing the fender, the Adventure Emblem serves as a declaration of your unwavering passion for adventure. Adding to the driving exhilaration, sporty metal pedals infuse a dash of sportiness.

Exterior Elegance

In a bid to magnify its robust allure, the Adventure Edition proudly showcases sporty Black Alloy Wheels accentuated by front red brake calipers. This dual enhancement not only elevates performance but also imparts a sporty edge. The theme of black elegance extends across diverse exterior facets, including the grille, roof rails, skid plates, shark-fin antenna, and C-pillar garnish. This cohesive application of black elements bestows a seamless blend of harmony and style.

The Adventure Continues with Alcazar

For those seeking a capacious SUV tailored to the spirit of adventure, Hyundai has your aspirations covered. The Alcazar Adventure Edition extends its offerings across several variants, including the 1.5L Turbo GDi Petrol 7-Seater variant (available in Platinum with 6MT & Signature (O) with 7DCT), alongside the 1.5L Diesel 7-Seater variant (offered in Platinum with 6MT & Signature (O) with 6AT). Similar to the Creta, the Alcazar Adventure Edition seamlessly encapsulates the same essence of adventure and hosts a repertoire of corresponding features.


For the spirited souls prepared to embrace their journeys, here are the ex-showroom prices for the Hyundai Creta and Alcazar Adventure Editions:

Creta Adventure Edition:

  • Creta 1.5 MPi MT SX AE PETROL: ₹15,17,000
  • Creta 1.5 MPi IVT SX(O) AE PETROL: ₹17,89,400

Alcazar Adventure Edition:

Alcazar 1.5T MT Platinum AE PETROL: ?19,03,600
Alcazar 1.5T DCT Signature(O)AE PETROL: ?20,63,600
Alcazar 1.5 MT Platinum AE DIESEL: ?19,99,800
Alcazar 1.5 AT Signature(O) AE DIESEL: ?21,23,500

In Conclusion

By introducing the Hyundai Creta Adventure Edition and the Alcazar Adventure Edition, the automaker underscores its unwavering dedication to presenting exhilarating and daring alternatives for the Indian market. Beyond their compelling aesthetics, these SUVs stand fortified with attributes meticulously designed to address the aspirations and preferences of adventure aficionados. Should you be poised to embark on your forthcoming grand escapade, the Hyundai Creta and Alcazar Adventure Editions eagerly anticipate your arrival at a dealer showroom within close proximity. The realm of adventure beckons!

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