Citroen Type Holidays Concept

Citroen Type Holidays Concept: A Modern Camper with Retro Style

At the 2023 Caravan Salon in Germany, Citroen is showcasing a unique concept named the Type Holidays. This concept pays homage to Citroen’s past while providing a glimpse into the future of adventure vehicles. Underneath the classic Type-H bodywork, the Type Holidays is based on a modern SpaceTourer van, equipped with a kitchen, two beds, and a pop-top roof.

The exterior design of the Type Holidays is a nod to the iconic Type H panel vans produced by Citroen from the late 1940s to the early 1980s. This retro-inspired design sets it apart in an event featuring other camper concepts. However, the interior takes a contemporary approach. The van incorporates a pop-up roof to create additional headroom within the living space, accommodating sleeping arrangements for two. The rear bench seat can be folded down to provide a second bed, allowing up to four people to comfortably relax.

Citroen Type Holidays Concept
Citroen Type Holidays Concept

Similar to the VW California Concept, Citroen adds a second sliding door on the left side of the van. This door provides access to the kitchenette, which is designed for both interior and exterior use. The kitchenette includes a sink and refrigerator, while a fold-down table and swiveling front seats create a cozy dining area. The exterior design collaboration was carried out with Italian coachbuilder Caselani.

However, it’s important to note that the Type Holidays remains a concept for now. Citroen has not disclosed specific details about power sources, water tanks, or powertrain options. While the Type H-inspired styling is intriguing, it’s uncertain whether such a design will make it to production.

At the same event, the VW T7 California Concept also previews an upcoming pop-top camper scheduled for production in 2024. It boasts external awnings and a variety of potential powertrain choices. On the other hand, the Ford Transit Custom Nugget is not a concept, with order availability opening soon for European customers and deliveries expected to start in spring 2024.

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