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Best YouTube Channels to Check Out For the Latest Automobile News and Insights

Cars – they bring a feeling that all men can relate to. Whether it’s about going on a ride or just getting it checked, spending time with our car is something that all men want or rather need. Maybe that’s why we prefer watching shows like Top Gear because we actually prefer the content that relates to us and actually provides something useful.

But we’ve prepared a list of YouTube channels for automobile enthusiasts that they can check out and get the best out of their day. Yes, you read it right, we’re bringing the list of the best YouTube channel for car fans with amazing content to keep you entertained.

Before you begin, it’s recommended to set the streaming settings high so that you can enjoy the crisp details that will let you enjoy what’s in each vehicle and how sleek those curves on the Dodge are. For that purpose, ensure you have a limit-free and fast-speed internet connection because it’s important.

For that purpose, we recommend checking out plans from Xfinity or contacting them via the Xfinity customer service number so that you can get a plan right away. With that settled, let’s begin with our list now:

Doug DeMuro

Also renowned as a writer, journalist, and video producer, Doug DeMuro’s YouTube channel is a great place to begin if you’re looking for car-related content. His witty, humorous, and sarcastic take on different car breeds makes his content worth the watch.

Moreover, Doug views various vehicles from the coolest to supercars, weird to the affordable ones, you’ll get a lot of variety for sure. It’s not just his humor but his knack for finding unique elements about the vehicles that make them unique, giving the audience a good idea of what the car is about.

Plus, you’ll surely find a good range of vehicles that Doug covers, which makes his channel a good pick if you’re looking for information on different cars.

Engineering Explained

If you’re into discovering what makes cars work and knowing the true sense of car mechanics, then Engineering Explained is an amazing YouTube channel hosted by Jason Fenske, a mechanical engineer who’s also working at the Toyota Research Institute.

Jason, brings the best insights into how cars and parts are engineered, giving an in-depth view into factors such as how parts are manufactured, what affects performance, the science behind cars, etc.

Moreover, Jason, being an engineer, brings some of the best insights and shares knowledge that probably your mechanic won’t even know about. Hence, if you’re truly into cars and want to know how some features operate, then you need to view videos from this channel.


With over 8.84 million subscribers, ChrisFix is another amazing entry in the catalog for the best YouTube channels for automobile enthusiasts. Chris, who’s a car enthusiast himself started production in 2007 and has produced numerous DIY content for addressing car repairs.

In addition, his videos are truly remarkable since Chris features step-by-step tutorials on fixing cars that even non-professionals or beginners can benefit from. The content quality is high and Chris produces amazing content on other related topics too that have earned him a great deal of views.

Mighty Car Mods

Nothing beats a car enthusiast’s enthusiasm for car mods. Focusing on this fantasy, Marty and Moog bring a unique channel called Mighty Car Mods where they modify cars in their home garage.

The channel itself has grown to be a sensation for its DIY tips and tricks on car modifications. The unique element of the channel is that the boys always come up with some amazing ideas that make car modification fun.

Oh, and they do this on a minimal budget so the next time your wife asks you how much your recent car modification cost, you can proudly say the minimal figure.


Focusing on performance cars, Evo is one of the oldest YouTube channels for cars that you can totally tune into. The best thing about the channel is that it’s a British magazine-based channel that brings insights into cars, from hatches to supercars, you’ll get everything covered here.

Moreover, the videos are superbly made and are of high quality, which means you’ll have a good time viewing them. And there’s nothing more demanding than a witty commentary, which the channel features.

The only thing that viewers need to worry about is the release of a new video, which often takes time. But with the existing videos, you’ll surely fill your hours with some quality car-related content.

Closing Thoughts

Well, with these channels, you should be able to get your car-related content appetite filled for sure. So, tune into these channels today, and watch the best car content you’ll find online.

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