Mahindra Thar Toppled In This Viral Accident With Tata Nano

Why Mahindra Thar Toppled In This Viral Accident With Tata Nano

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the collision, although the Thar’s owner might have suffered from a damaged sense of pride.

In the past decade, road accidents in India have become an increasingly pressing issue for the general public and automotive manufacturers alike. Consumers establish their own views about a vehicle’s reliability and durability based on information provided on the Internet. The government and the auto industry are collaborating to make vehicles safer and cut down on traffic-related deaths. On the other hand, sometimes the issue is less about the quality of construction or the presence of safety technology and more about the laws of physics.

Recently, a video of a collision between a Tata Nano and a Mahindra Thar, which caused the off-road SUV to roll over, spread like wildfire throughout the Internet. It happened outside Padmanabhpur Little Stadium in the Durg region of Chhattisgarh, and according to eyewitnesses, the Thar was crossing the street when a Nano slammed into it from the side, flipping it over. Fortunately, nobody was hurt, but the conclusion has generated a fascinating discussion online about what could have caused it.

A huge SUV flipping over after colliding with a small hatchback may seem bizarre and hard to accept, but there are multiple probable explanations for this phenomenon. Let us hazard a guess as to what may have caused this result.

Thar’s High Centre Of Gravity

After the collision, the Thar was found lying on its roof, which was likely caused by the vehicle’s high centre of gravity as a result of its high ground clearance (226 mm) (CG). Rollovers are more likely to occur in vehicles with a high centre of gravity because the increased vertical and horizontal motions that result from turning sharp bends at high speeds make the vehicle less stable.

In contrast, vehicles with low ground clearance will have a stable centre of gravity and a smoother ride and better handling.

Thar’s Boxy Design

Because of its boxy shape, the Mahindra Thar appears strong and sturdy. While it may look cool, the boxy shape also compromises the vehicle’s handling and dynamics, making it less stable than other, more aerodynamic vehicle designs.

Tata Nano’s Ramp Like Design

The Tata Nano’s front end, which is about the size of a pig’s snout, is roughly perpendicular to the rake of the car’s A-pillar. This structural feature may have contributed to the inversion of the Thar.

For these circumstances, it’s probable that the Tata Nano’s impact caused the Mahindra Thar to turn over. While accidents are never funny, hopefully this will serve as a warning to Thar pilots about the vehicle’s vulnerabilities and prompt them to exercise caution.

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