Tata punch

Tata Punch Dimensions

The Tata Punch is a compact crossover SUV. The Tata Punch’s specifications, including its length, width, height, and wheelbase, as well as its gas tank capacity, trunk space, and ground clearance, are detailed here. Find the exact measurements of each Tata Punch model in a variety of common units, including millimetres, centimetres, feet, and inches.

Dimensions of Tata Punch

A Tata Punch is 3827 millimetres in length, 1742 millimetres in breadth, and 1615 millimetres in height. It’s easier to get in and out of a car with a higher roof and more headroom if it has a broader body. The 2022 Tata Punch has a wheelbase of 2445 millimetres. The wheelbase measures the space between the vehicle’s axle centres. More comfortable seating is typically associated with a longer wheelbase.

Dimensionsin mmin cmin inchesin feet

Cargo capacity of the Tata Punch is 366 litres. When your boot is longer, you can fit more bags inside. The Tata Punch 2022 has an 187mm ground clearance. A vehicle with more ground clearance is less likely to scrape its undercarriage when driving over speed bumps or navigating potholes. The Punch has a 37-liter fuel tank.

Boot Space366L
Ground Clearance187mm
Fuel Tank37L

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