Honda Accord

Best Feature Of The 2023 Honda Accord

Honda’s prodigy has been shattering records for quite some time. The Accord has been unrivalled as the most trusted and reasonably priced option in the midsize economy car market for decades. Honda has decided to redesign the Accord for the 2023 model year, giving it a new exterior and updated interior. Even though not much has changed, we just can’t get over the fact that the Accord still has its distinctive look.

For as long as it has been produced, the Accord’s greatest strength has been its low price and minimal effect on consumers’ wallets. Honda is currently in the midst of a comprehensive redesign of the exterior that includes every single part of the vehicle. The latest Honda Accord is the most refined model in the line’s history thanks to a host of design updates.

2023 Accord Update

If something isn’t broken, there’s no point in trying to fix it. Honda hasn’t quite followed the adage, but in the case of the new Accord, it seems to have worked in the company’s benefit. The Accord has been around for a while, and its design has become somewhat legendary because of how it stands out from the crowd and how far ahead of its time it was. Rather than being dated, it is contemporary and stylish. The 2023 Accord maintains the futuristic, Jetsons-inspired design that made it a hit in the affordable mid-size car market.

Honda had to make some adjustments in size to prepare for the metamorphosis. It appears that automobiles in general, and the Accord in particular, are getting steadily more massive in size. The Honda’s bloated with an additional 2.8 inches in length. It has a taller hood and a fastback-like shape that reduces the vehicle’s overall height.

Honda Accord
Honda Accord

The Honda Accord Gets A Fresh New Face

Whether for better or worse, the 2017 Accord appears to have had a total makeover of its front fascia, giving off an air similar to that of other economy vehicles both old and new. Honda’s innovative take on LED headlights has them angled upwards, with daytime running lights inserted between the headlights and a grill that has been painted black. Front fog lights, which were eliminated from the previous generation’s rectangular horizontal shape, are missing. However, they are likely available as an upgrade for higher trim levels and are hidden under the front bumper’s vertical plastic bezels.

The Accord’s once-modern design was being hawked down by rivals in a philosophical “design” footrace, so the updates are welcome news. The Accord has fallen behind the Camry, the K5, and the Sonata in recent years due to their extensive redesigns. The Camry’s TRD option and the Hyundai Sonata’s N-Line both offered sportier exterior upgrades that were more appealing to a wider audience than the Accord Sport’s standard fare. Outwardly, the Accord was simply falling behind the competition.

The 2023 Model Brings A Welcome Change To The Mid-Size Sedan

Consumers’ growing preference for aggressively styled cars meant that even the staid Honda Accord needed to make some changes. That’s why it has a blacked-out grill and a fastback roof. At the top of the trim level, the Accord suddenly stops trying to help old ladies cross the street and starts acting more like a sporty coupe. It has matured into the type of guy you’d encounter in the gym who, with a good workout, could perhaps crush four watermelons with a single bicep. Black mirrors, black wheels, and a black spoiler are standard equipment on the Sport and Sport-L. The new Accord combines Honda’s signature design elements with sportier new components to create one of the most attractive midsize four-door vehicles on the market. Honda’s efforts to create the Accord a lapidarian automobile at the fraction of the price of a true luxury vehicle, while yet appealing to consumers’ tastes in the most ergonomic Japanese fashion, are not lost on the long, flowing body lines that find themselves interlaced throughout the car.

The Honda Accord has never been anyone’s idea of a show stopper, and some could even say that’s not the point. To blend in like a regular commuter vehicle and avoid attention. Even so, the styling accomplishes a great deal of both, which may be what makes this Honda so stunning. The subtlety of it escapes notice unless one looks closely. While at first glance this may appear to be nothing more than a Civic with some extra length and width, a closer look reveals the meticulous work of a clay designer somewhere in the depths of Japan.

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