Tumbling onto the middle seat of the third row is your sole option for a solo ride in a XUV 700. There is a lack of legroom and headroom in the third row, and the air conditioning vents are in an awkward location.

The third row of innova crysta, in general, is superior to the seventh row of xuv 700. The xuv 700’s third row is only suitable for children, while an adult can still fit in the innova crysta for quick trips.

Although the xuv 700’s seats are supportive, there is no choice for captain’s chairs. The automobile has a large sunroof, making the inside feel lighter and brighter. The quality of the seats’ upholstery is high. The xuv 700’s rear seats are noticeably brighter than the front.

The trunk capacity of an Innova crysta is 300 liters. The cargo area of a 7-seat XUV 700 is little, but when the middle row of seats and the two behind it are folded down, you’ll have a lot of room. Now it’s innova crysta’s turn to take control.