Nonetheless, it’s not as though sedans are giving up the ghost. Now that city streets are packed with crossovers of every stripe and colour, the classic body style is making a comeback, and Volkswagen is cashing in on the trend with the Virtus.

The profile is unmistakably that of a car, and we talk to Sudhir Sharma, a prominent designer who is also well-versed in automobile design, to find out more about what makes sedans like the Virtus so beautiful.

When we arrived at Sudhir’s house on the outskirts of Pune, the senior designer’s eyes lit up at the sight of the Virtus GT, demonstrating his obvious expertise in the field of automobile design. The sedan’s vivid cherry red paint made it stand out even in a garage full of expensive vehicles.

Backseat passengers will appreciate the sedan’s increased space and comfort, while tech-savvy buyers will appreciate the sedan’s digital cockpit and snappy touchscreen that supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.