Here in the Honda Civic Type R, we’ll discuss the various driving modes available to you. In that way, you can affect a shift in their behaviour. In the future, you’ll be able to use this switch. The car defaults to Sport mode, which is obviously different than the automotive industry usual.

If you switch to the Individual setting, you can customise everything by pressing and holding. The button should be pressed and held for a few seconds. In addition, all routes are accessible, with the exception of the Rev Match route. Finally, you have it. If you see here, I have everything in Sport and R, except for the suspension. This is because suspension compliance is actually good.

Considering the car’s flexible suspension and user-friendly manual transmission, this level of luxury is fitting. This vehicle is very easy to use. Having a fantastic go-to mental state, or comfort mode, is crucial. And it does; excellent work! Civic Type R.

This is why it was included, and it’s also a big reason why customizable preferences are so useful. However, even with that caveat, this vehicle’s driving settings are excellent. The comfort level is not quite at the level of a Lincoln Continental. Just put simply, it’s done very well.