Wolksvagen(Volksvagen)  Hundai(Hyundai) Telsa(Tesla)

Hyundai, Volkswagen, and Porsche were the top three most misspelt automakers each month, with 2,249,400, 1,156,700, and 1,011,000 misspellings respectively. Extending out to the top 10, there’s Toyota with 824,600 and Peugeot with 710,100, Tesla with 539,600, Mercedes-Benz with 489,500, Bentley with 341,900, Suzuki with 317,900, and Bugatti with 205,300.

Some of the misspellings, like “Dford” (Ford), “Volvi” (Volvo), and “Totota” (Toyota), appear to be the result of accidentally striking neighbouring keys on the keyboard.

The second group consists of the original names with a few letters changed, such as “Chevorlet” (Chevrolet), “Telsa” (Tesla), and “BMW” (BMW) (BMW).

Other examples include the addition or omission of letters, as in “Hond” (Honda), “Auddi” (Audi), and “Jeeep” (Jeep). Some of the spellings on this list, like “Landriver” for “Land Rover” and “Wolksvagen” for “Volkswagen,” did leave us scratching our heads, despite the fact that most of the blunders were made in good faith.

I was wondering if you could share some examples of common misspellings of automobile manufacturers that you’ve come across. Leave a comment below and let us know.