To begin, let us remove a myth: the successor to the Chiron will not be electric. Achim Anscheidt, Bugatti’s design director, said that the model, the name of which has yet to be revealed, will be powered by a plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Rimac has defined the drivetrain as “heavily electric,” but specific technical specifications such as horsepower and layout have yet to be revealed.

“In comparison to other hypercars, Bugatti has always created its own distinct category. It was always a little different, never attempting to be a road racer. It is the pinnacle of GT performance. That should not vary from one day to the next. We don’t want to be someone else, but we’re starting a new tech chapter, which is both a challenge and an opportunity “He elaborated.

As they shape Chiron’s replacement, Anscheidt and his colleagues actively debate what this implies for Bugatti and its consumers. Not all firms are concerned about whether the technology in their vehicles will be functional in two or more decades, but Bugatti is in a unique position: its vehicles are immediate treasures. They are rolling works of art designed to be appreciated and adored by enthusiasts who have yet to be born.